European Getaway 7th August 2010



Im an Aussie travelling alone on this tour and wondering who else would be joining me…Im very excited!!

Melissa :slight_smile:


Hi there I am on this. I also started a discussion I thought it started on the 6th-26th?
Very excited.


Hey there,

Glad to see someone else coming on this trip!!:)) Im pretty sure its the 7th…thats what is has on my itinerary…it had better be as I arrive in London on the 6th!!

Well the time is flying pretty fast and am looking forward to the tour…Ive heard great things about it and Im so glad there are many answers to my questions on this site…its been really helpful!

So youre travelling alone??


Ok I’m just going off the book which said the 6th so I will wait for my itinerary. Where did you get yours from?
Yes I am traveling alone. I have also found this site sooo incredibly helpful. I’m so excited but nervous at the same time!!
Great to hear from you.
Amber :slight_smile:


me too.


Booked this trip :). I will be travelling alone too, feeling pretty nervous.


Hi there, my sister and I are on this trip too! We booked ages ago so I’m glad it’s finally starting to get close!!!
I’m living in Brisbane and my sister is from NZ.
Looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


I’m coming on this trip too. As a gift for working hard for a master’s degree. haha


hey i’m also travelling alone! i’m so glad i’m not gonna be the only one!!! i’m so excited :smiley: xxx