European Getaway 7 May-26 May 2016


Hey guys
Just wondering if there is anyone heading on this trip on the 7th May from London… I am doing the trip on my own so hoping to meet some people before the trip starts.
Feel free to say hi :smile:


Hey! I am doing this trip on my own aswell! :smile: Cant wait! :tada:


Me too! Feeling excited :slight_smile: I’m staying at wombat hostel night before the tour starts, so anyone free should come for a drink


Yay sounds great… Looking forward to meeting you. I’ve booked in at the wombat the night before and after the tour so drinks sound great :0)


Hey! I am also booked in the Wombats the night before! Can’t wait to meet you both! Drinks sounds good. :grin: Do yous have facebook?


Cool! yup on facebook -Tammy Chan Brisbane.


Hey guys! I know I’m a little late to the game but I just booked this trip too and will also stay at the Wombats! Drinks sound great :slight_smile: Add me on Facebook: Natasha Emeljanow


Hey everyone! I’ve booked this trip and I’m also going solo! I’m staying at the Wombats two nights before and after the trip!


Yay so many solos… This trip is going to be so much fun… Hehe… If you want to add me on Facebook it’s Norelle John and I’m from Perth :0) can’t wait to meet you all!!


Cannot wait for this trip to start! All of us are going to have a ball, It is going to be so much fun!! :grin: Not long to go now!


Yay! :slight_smile: