European Getaway_6th till 25th July


Hi, is anyone else booked to do this tour, departing 6th July?

And for any other aussies looking at booking, i went through UK topdeck and saved myself around $700 off the tour cost.



Hey Mitch

Thanks for the advice. I’m looking at doing the same tour departing on 24th July. How did you book through Topdeck UK? Did you call them or can you do it online?




Hi Ron,

I called them at first to see if i could go through the UK to book the trip as i had heard about the savings and there was no problem with it.

I am going through Penny Moody [], and basically they have the tour prices set @ the start of each year in GBP, and you pay these at the current exchange rate through a credit card for example. A 2% credit card fee applies on top. is a guide to what you will pay in aussie dollars. It is all done through email, so its pretty straight forward and well worth it.