European Getaway- 6th of July


Hi guys!

I was just wondering if anyone else will be doing the European Getaway tour on July 6th. I’m beginning to get really excited as it is getting closer! I’m 24 and from Melbourne, Australia. I will be travelling alone and would love to chat to anyone else doing this tour! :slight_smile:



hey justine

im doing the european getaway 6th july, just booked it today!
im 19 from perth, also travelling alone so abit nervous about the whole thing…
is it ur first time to europe?



Hey Nick,

I’m stoked I finally found someone who will be on my tour! No I’ve never been to Europe so although I’m really excited I’m very nervous at the same time! I’m sure it will be a lot of fun though! Are you hanging around in London after the tour or coming straight home??



hey justine and nick,

I am actually in Europe/Scandanavia at the moment and I will be joining you guys on this tour. Actually will be myself and my partner Hannah who is coming over to Europe in 3 weeks or so. We will be starting the tour in Paris (as we will be in France already) on Day 1 so we wont see you until then but we will meet nevertheless.

I am nearly 22 and she is 21, both from Bundaberg in QLD. I am currently travelling alone, have been for 2 weeks, but wont be solo in 3 weeks time. Neither of you will feel alone as we will have a group of us so all will be good especially since a lot of the group will be in the same position.

Hope to meet you both on the 6th of July when the bus arrives in Paris.



hey guys,

my first time to europe too. im actually heading over 20th july and hanging round with mates for the first two weeks, doing scotland sweeden and amsterdam, then coming on the topdeck. i fly home two days after the topdeck finishes actually cas i have to get back for uni and will already be missing the first week. cant wait for exams to be over so i can get over to europe!

hopefully some more people will join in this discussion before we leave.



Awesome, welcome Bob! I’m so glad we are slowly finding people! I know what you mean Nick…I’m a teacher and have to get through all of my reports before I take off…but it’s a very good motivator!


Hi to all,

I’ll be traveling on the European Getaway tour leaving on the 6th of July. It’s really late in the evening and I’ve just found this forum…yay! This will be my first ever trip overseas so getting quite nervous yet extremely excited at the same time! I have a feeling I might be one of the older ones on this tour… I’m 34 but looking forward to have a fantastic time!! I’m flying out of Melbourne on the 28th June and will be in London until the tour departs and also staying at the Clink Hostel on the 5th of July.

Hope to chat sometime soon guys! :slight_smile:



hey adam,

yeah i was wondering what the age group would be on this tour, as long as your up for some fun and a few beers im sure we’ll get along fine.
what is everyone else doing for pre and post accomodation? is the clink hostel where the tour departs and arrives at? probably easiest to just stay there while in london no?

cheers guys,


I think that the diversity of people and their ages etc will be the best thing about the tour. I’m not sure where to stay before the trip…but I have heard interesting things about that hostel you were talking about. One of my friends said it wasn’t very clean and it was a bit dodgy


hey to all

i think from what i have read im on the first part of ur trip (roman chariot) - Im 22 from a small town in south aus and travelling alone. first time to europe! i get to london on the 3rd and staying at the clink as well - is this where the tour leaves from?



hey ash,
good to meet u but i think u might be on the first part of the grand european trip? ours doesnt go into spain at all so u might want to check that.

from what ive heard all topdecks leave from the clink tho, ill probs just stay there too?


Hey Nick and to all,

I’m looking forward to this trip and in turn meeting you all for what will be an incredible adventure. I’m booked to stay at the Clink Hostel for just the one night before our tour departs, so that’s the 5th July. Better to stay here if you can as the tour has a 6:00 am departure on the 6th July. All Euroclub and Eurocamping tours depart from here as far as I know. I think it’ll be interesting if not more exciting to have a more diverse group to tour with, so I think you’ll be right about that one Justine…!

Take care all… cheers


I’m glad we are still finding people who will be on our tour! A bit over a month to go! What are you guys doing as far as luggage goes?? Are you taking a suitcase or a large backpack??


yeah its getting close, exciting!!
ive got a hybrid pack for hiking and travelling from kathmandu. thought it would be easier than a suitcase and its quite comfy to wear and carry around.


Hi guys,
My girlfriend and I are on this tour and we can’t wait, it’s the first time to Europe for both of us!
We are from South Australia, I am 29 and she is 31, we work together.
We are staying at the Umi Hotel the night before the tour starts (the Umi is where the tour leaves from) and then we have 5 nights in London afterwards…loving it, so excited!
We are both taking suitcases.
Look forward to meeting you all.
Bel & Mon


Hi guys,

I was beginning to wonder if it was just going to me and a bus full of boys Bel! Good to hear from you! I’m still wondering where I will stay for the 3 nights I’m in London before our tour begins. So it’s the Umi the tour leaves from?? Does anyone know how far this is from central London??


hey guys,
my travel agent told me that the tour leaves from the Clink hostel which is right near King’s Cross in London, but now im wondering if that’s right? (they were pretty useless with other stuff too)
any idea where we can definatly find out this stuff?


Hi to all,

I’ve been told by my travel agent from the beginning of my booking that the tour leaves from the Clink Hostel. This is were all Euroclub & Eurocamping tours depart from but I think the Umi Hotel is for Eurohotel trips according to the Topdeck Europe 2010 guide. The Clink Hostel is near Kings Cross Station in London about 10mins so probably could walk it with the aid of the gps…ha ha!! I’m taking a suitcase along for the trip but not sure if we need to take a sleeping bag or some light weight sleep sack or sheet. What are you all taking if anything at all? Oh by the way Bel & Mon it’s good to hear there are fellow travelers close to my age… :slight_smile:

Take care guys… not long to go!!

Cheers… Adam


I just had a look on their main website it it looks like you’re right Adam! The Umi is where Eurohotel trips leave from and ours appears to leave from the Clink. Double check that girls it would be horrible if you were waiting at the wrong place!


Hi guys,
I think maybe we are doing a different tour but on the same date, sorry!
We are on the 12 day essential Europe trip which leaves from the Umi (Euro Hotel).