European Getaway 6th August 2011


Hello :slight_smile:
is anyone booked on this tour? im guessing so as its a definate departure! im a solo travelling girl from UK, hope to meet people beforehand!
who is in???



My name is Grace. My sister and I will be on this trip! We are super excited!


Hello Grace :slight_smile:
oh thats great news that I have found some people doing it too!!
How old are you both? Im 20! im getting too excited already! have you done anything like this before??


Hi, I’m Kate a 24yo from West Oz. Can’t wait for the trip!! So excited. Whats everyones plans for before and after?


Hi Kate, glad to see you are on the trip too!! are you travelling solo? its my first time travelling, and solo, so very excited!
I am from the UK so will be staying at the hostel the night before probably (not sure about after though) what about you?? :slight_smile:


Yeah I’m doing the tour solo. I’m going to Greece first with some friends and then a bit of the UK, but they leave the day after my tour starts. Staying at the Clink the night before and the night we get back, but I fly home the next morning.

First time travelling too :slight_smile:


At least I am not the only one travelling solo then! I emailed topdeck not long ago and they said it was half full so far so thats exciting! are you all taking suitcases or backpacks??


Only half full? how many ppl is that? like 15/20? Still pretty good then I guess :slight_smile: Taking a suitcase and a day bag (well a big handbag). You?


About 20/25 people so far…may be more by now though :slight_smile:
I had originally planned to take a suitcase, but then I saw that alot of people were saying to take a back pack so thought about taking one of them! I havent decided yet but will probably take a suitcase! Then I will take a big bag for the bus, to put stuff that I will need on there…then a handbag to take out when we are wandering around the cities :slight_smile: thats the plan anyway!
If you want to chat on fb or anything my name is Justine Bailey! I hope we find lots of people before we go!!


Anyone else booked onto this trip yet??!!


Hi Justine,

Im on this tour too, not long now hey:) Travelling Solo too, are you staying at the Clink Hostel before tour?

Hi Kate i see your from West Oz too, where abouts? Im near Freo.



Hi Bec :slight_smile:
Great to see another traveller on tour…and even better your travelling solo too! I think im staying there yeah, not that ive booked it yet! are you?!


yeah i get to London on the 3rd August and staying at the clink hostel until we depart on the 6th woohoo!:slight_smile:


Ahh ok, so you have a few days in London too then? I think I need to book my night at the clink soon! How old are you if you dont mind me asking? I think I’m the baby of the group so far!! I am getting too excited already, cant decided whether to take a suitcase or backpack?! I am desperately trying to save as much money as poss to do as many optionals as poss too!


Hi Justine, Grace, Kate & Bec :o)

I am booked on this tour too and going with my boyfriend’s sister. We are are counting down the months.
We are also staying at the Clink hotel the night before so hope to meet you there!

Kate, I am going to the Greek Islands with my boyfriend for a second Topdeck tour. Maybe you can give me some tips on Greece!?

I am taking a suitcase and I’ll probably be packing and repacking before I leave Sydney. Jessica and I are flying with Emirates on a A380 (first time flying this airline, but I hear the service is really good). We arrive in London a few days before the tour starts and we are keen to check out the sights of London on a red bus! Can’t wait to try an old English pub meal.

Sorry if I have missed anyone out on my email.

From TansOnTour


Hello!! Great to hear you are joining us!!
I think I will be taking a suitcase…I’m hoping I will fit more in!!
I have just come to book my room at the clink before it all gets booked up, but there are so many different rooms to choose from…which rooms have everybody picked?!
There is so much to see in London, I live in the north of England and love going down to London…mainly the shopping!! Harrods is a must!!
Lovely to hear from you, its great to get to speak to everyone first :slight_smile:


hello, I’m 28yrs old prob one of the older ones haha i think im going to take a trolleyed backpack best of both worlds:)
Ive booked the Multi Share Dormitory Room. yes cant wait to explore London for a couple of days hopefully not to jet lagged!:slight_smile:


Hey All,

I’m also booked in for this tour. Cannot possibly wait! I’m going with my older sister and 2 friends. 62 days to go! =)



Hey Storm, I think I may have spoken to your sister on facebook…Sharni?! I could be totally wrong though!! I can’t wait either, I hope the time flies until we go!
Bec…a trolleyed backpack seems like a great idea…i might go on the lookout for one!!


Hey Justine, Yeah that would be my sister =) I’m sure it will come around quick!