European Getaway 6 Sep


Hi guys! Anyone going on Euro getaway sep 6??:stuck_out_tongue:


Hi… I am also on the 6th sept tour. where are u from?[br][br]Sarah


Hi Sarah,[br][br]Im 21 and from Perth. Where are you from? Is this your first tour?[br][br]Laura


Hi Guys![br][br]I just happened to be on here and noticed you’re on the Euro Getaway this September. I’m very sadly not going, but I DID go on the Getaway last summer! I heard from a buddy that my photos even in the new topdeck 2007 catalogue thing! haha Just thought I’d let you know, it was the TIME OF MY LIFE!! It was awesome–the people on it, the crew running it, the places we visited and stayed, everything was just unreal! It’s been over 6 months and I still keep in touch with heaps of people and look back at my photos allll the time!! If you have any questions, I’ll do my best to help answer them! Cheers![br][br]CJ


Hi CJ![br][br]How much spending money did you take and what optional tours did you do? How was the accommodation? [br][br]Thanks :p:-[


Lauzz… [br][br]This is my first tour with Topdeck… I did one when I was younger with my family…[br]I am soon to be 26 and live in sydney. Would be good to get to know sum people from the tour before we go…[br][br]Sarah


Hey Sarah, [br][br]This is my first tour, yep Im hoping to get to know a few people before I go aswell. Im staying at the globetrotter before and after the tour and probably sharing with 3 other girls so it would be good to know a few people. :)[br][br]I went to Sydney last April, i was meant to climb the harbour bridge but i had to come home early for family stuff. i went to the gld coast too, that was great fun :)[br][br]Lauz


Fair enough… I have added my msn in my profile for those who want 2 chat 2 me there… I am staying at the Globetrotter hotel the night before as well, although I am most likely staying at a friend’s place for the other days I am staying in London before the tour. When the tour is finished, I will be travelling straight to the country to see my family.;D


Hey Sarah,[br][br]Im hoping to do the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus tour when our tour finishes.[br]I booked my flights yesterday. Are you going on the tour by yourself or are you bringing friends? One of my friends was going to come but cant get time off work, so Im just going by myself. My sis works for a travel agency so she got me a DVD about Topdeck to watch, its looks like heaps of fun and the food looks good too.[br][br]Laura


Hi Laura,[br][br]I will be travelling alone on the bus tour as well. I booked and paid for the tour in November when we had a travel expo in Sydney. I did have some friends that wanted to do the tour with me, but unfortunately they will not be able to come either.[br]After the tour, I will be meeting up with family and friends who are travelling to England at the same time.[br][br]Sarah


Hi Sarah,[br][br]So can you speak any other languages other than English, my friend who went to Europe we bought her a language dictionary for each country she went to, i might borrow some off her. [br][br]Laura


I can speak a little German, and I also have some phrase books for italian and french… [br]I learnt German in high school for about 3 years… so my german is a little rusty…[br]Do you speak any other languages?[br]


Hi,[br][br]No unfortunately not. I learnt Indonesian years ago and french for one year in high school but i cant remember any of it. A good mate of mine is italian, I should get her to teach me some phrases. I’ve been thinking about luggage etc lately, I hope i dont end up packing too much, my mates keep giving me advice on what to pack. And a cousin also told me to get a travel iron! Is there any particular place on the trip you are looking forward to seeing?


I have been to Paris before. I cant wait to go back, especially as I love the Da Vinci Code. I also can’t wait to see Italy.[br]I have also been to Amsterdam, but last time I was there I was on a bus tour with my family, and got stuck on the bus with my siblings while my parents walked around the red light district. I was 18 at the time and really wanted to see what the coffee shops were like lol. I also wanted to find out if it was true you could get heaps of ecstasy for free.[br]I have been getting advice from many family members and some friends who live over in England. There is a limit as to how much you can take as the bus has a weight limit.[br]I am also excited about partying in all the best cities in Europe!


Im really looking forward to seeing Italy and going on the gondalas. But i think everywhere we go is giong to be great, my friend was in amsterdam for a few nights, she thinks its a real eye opener and she’s told me some funny stories about that place. She’s given me a few tips on packing and she;s lending me all her luggage coz its the right size etc. I wanna be able to take a really nice dress coz were going to the casino in Monaco.


i have been 2 amsterdam before as well… last time i was there i was 18 and with my parents… was made to babysit my brother and sister when my parents went to the red light district… i want 2 go back there and see what i missed out on all those years ago


apparently there are different streets for prostitution etc in the red light district… when my friend was there, the girls she was sharing a room with on her tour came back to the room completely off their faces after going to a mull cafe. she said it was pretty funny, bu she didnt go, thats not really our thing. some ppl really rave about amsterdam and some ppl have said its a real dirty place.[br][br]I think all the scenery will be good to look at like in austria etc.[br][br]The parties at night will be awesome, hopefully its really good weather. I’ve seen a topdeck tour DVD and it showed some of the night life, it looked fun :slight_smile:


I have been been getting heaps of advice from sum friends of mine who have been 2 the places we r going 2. They have all said that we will be having lots of fun partying… and also to make sure that we get up early 2 go 2 the places we want 2 visit.


Hey Sarah how you going? not long now til our tour, time will fly by! Hopefully other ppl on this tour will come on this forum and drop us an email, would be good to know some more ppl! WHen you booked your airfares did u book transfers from Heathrow? I’ve been told its a good idea :slight_smile:


I hope they do… I have booked my flights through british airways and will be arriving on 2nd sept.[br]I am also going to be staying with a couple of friends that I know who live in London until Wednesday when will be staying at the GLobetrotter.[br]I am either going 2 b picked up from the airport or will b catching the train 2 where my friends live, so will have no need 2 get transfers to London from Heathrow[br]