European Getaway 5thOCT


Hi, just wondering if anyone is going on this tour or if anyone has done this tour, especially this time of year? Is it a wise decision that I have made???:frowning:


Hi! I’m contemplating doing either the european getaway or european odessy departing 5 Oct 2006. I have heard good things about these tours. I’m sure you will have a blast. Are you travelling alone?


My husband and I are doing this tour as our honeymoon. You know the last time we can run a muck before kids come along. Any one reading this please don’t think we are oldies. I’m 26 and my hubby is 30 please join our tour, we don’t want it to be cancelled, PPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEE;D[br][br]L.Laidlaw