European getaway 5th sept


Hey just wondering if there is anyone else going on this tour on here. Only in touch with one so far. I’m staying at the generator for 2 nights before the tour. Just over 5 weeks away woo hoo;D




i will be going on this tour… :slight_smile:


Woo hoo finally someone else. Where are you from? I’m excited.


I live in melbourne, but im from country nsw. how about you? :-[


Live in western sydney. Liverpool. How old are you? im 28.


I’m 23


what date are you arriving in london. Are you travelling by yourself. Is there an email address i can contact you on. Im in touch with another girl thats on our tour. are you staying in a hostel before the tour?


ok It’s now only 3 weeks. anyone else out there??? ;D


sorry i havent replied. ive been in nsw for a few weeks. i get to london on the 3rd and yes iam travelling bymyself. my email is :slight_smile:


Less then 2 weeks now. anyone else out there?


Hello!! Im going on this tour, staying at the Generator one night before. Im from Canberra, am 28 and will be travelling alone. Super keen to get in touch with others before I arrive!! ;D My email is Would love to hear from you guys! :slight_smile:


Hey there. I look forward to meeting you. should be a blast ;D


woo hoo i leave for europe tomorrow lol


hey everyone, not long now! flew into london yesterday, what a lovely flight, ha!! seein some sights today and then rest up for a big couple weeks. hope everyone travels safe and will see u all tomorrow! mark[br][br]Mark, male, 25, brissie AUS