European getaway 5th june - 24th june


Hey all. I’m doing this tour and was wondering if anyone else is doing it? Is anyone staying at the clink hostel before or after the tour?


[color=3366ff]Hi there

Actually I was looking into the Clink hostel last night? I am not sure? I think I might stay there the night before (4th) so then that way I am close by before we leave. But I won’t stay there the whole time I am in London. I am in London from the 1st to 5th, then our tour and then from 26th to 29th. I was checking out the reviews and looking at what it looks like. It looks like a jail type thing in the dorms from the video and security is apparently not that good? And it is slightly dearer then other places. But if you have heard otherwise let me know, I haven’t been there so I could be persuaded. :slight_smile: What are your plans? I am doing the same tour as you…awesome. Your the first person I have found so far. My name is Amanda, I am 28 and I am from Brisbane, Australia. Whats your background?

Cheers x Amanda[/color]



Finally someone else on this tour! I’m Clare, 22 from Brisbane, travelling alone for the first time. I’m starting to get a little nervous about it, not too long to go! I think once I get other there and meet people it will be awesome! I’m planning to be away for 9 months. I’m going to thailand for 2 weeks first and then arriving in London on the 26th May. I think I’ll go straight up to ireland from there and then be back in london on the 3rd June. After the tour I’m looking at working in the UK for 4 months or so and then headin over to canada/usa for another 3 months. I reckon the Clink would be good for the night before the tour, as it leaves early and also for the night when the tour arrives because I don’t think it gets back to london until 9pm. I noticed the jail cells too, something a little different lol. I chose just the normal 4 bedroom dorm though. From what I have read and heard from other people I don’t think its too bad of a place, it is very handy though and for only a couple of nights I’m going to stay there just for the convenience of it.



Hey guys

I am also doing this tour. I arrive the 29th may and have some family and friends to see before. I am moving over to work as an Occupational Therapist. I am staying at Clink on the 4th so it is easier for the start of the tour as it leaves early I hear. I also am staying the night we get back so i dont have to work out a way to get to my mates place. my travel agent booked my accommodation for me so not sure what type of room i am staying in. Its good to know there will be others at the hostel the night before. Its the first time for me travelling overseas by myself. have lived and travelled overseas with family as I grew up.

You just have to be vigilant with your stuff. My name is also Claire and I’m 25. I have been living in North Qld for a couple of years. Cant wait to go though. We should try and meet the night before the tour.

Looking forward to meeting new people.




Meeting the night before the tour sounds like a good idea. I’m think I majority of people on the tour will also be staying at the clink the night before, but it would be good to have met some people before the actual tour starts.



hey clare, im ryan, 23 from victoria and this is my tour aswell! This is my 1st time overseas and im going by myself so i can’t wait! :). I’m heading over on june 1st so i have a few days to check out london before the tour starts, should be awesome.


Hi guys, I am so sad too, but unfortunately I have to postpone my tour and won’t be going on this one anymore. Hope you guys have fun! Let me know if it is a goer and how you go? And any pics would be cool to see if you want to share with me. Take care, all the best. XX Amanda



Sorry to hear u have to postpone ur trip amandam. Will post how it was when have completed the trip. Not that far away now - just hope the volcano doesnt erupt again.



Thats sad to hear amandam. I hope you still get a chance to re-book a trip at a later stage.

Hey Ryan! Nice to meet another person on this trip. Not long to go now. Are you doing any travelling after the tour?

Fingers crossed the volcano doesn’t erupt again!!!


Yeah not long now… counting down the days. Nah just one more night in london then heading home. haha yes lets hope that thing doesn’t go off again cos im pretty sure i’ll be shattered


Im all booked for this trip! Cant wait … Its going to be awsome! Im doing the trail to Berlin version as i dont want to go back to london.

Im staying at the clink hostel from 30 may-4june.

Just one question - do we really need a sleeping bag??


Hey mike

Cant believe its not that far away. Regarding the sleeping bag I am taking one as I am moving over to the uk and will most likel need one at some point. I have read a few of the other forums which have posed this question and there are mixed responses. The impression I get is either a sleeping bag or sheet but some places dont provide any linen or doona and it could be cool still.

I think it is a personal choice - I got one that is fairly lightweight and small.

I will be at the clink for the night before - 4th.

Look forward to meeting you.



Hi guys
Just thought id drop u a line about the sleeping bag situation

Ive just come back from the first European Getaway of the season - and having lugged my sleeping bag through 10 countries im not sure it was really worth it. I think i only used it once or twice, as most places give you at least blankets, if not full bedding. Although having said that, sometimes the blankets were interesting to say the least. SOme hostels also won;t let you take your own sleeping bag in - something to do with bed bugs they said. Since you lot are going in June, you may be alright temperature wise, but if you have one take a light weight one jsut in case.

As to the meeting up before hand in the Clink, when i checked in i was told there was an get together meeting in the bar, so you should be meeting more of your group then

If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask. Im trying desperately not to re-enter the real world, and this is really helping

Laura x
Ultimate Egypt 14th Feb - 6th March 2010
European Getaway 2nd - 22nd April 2010


Cheers, I think I’ve decided on a sleeping sheet…

I’m staying @ the clink for a week before the trip. Anyone who is keen to meet up for a beer let me know.

Stalk me on facebook - “Michael was-here”


Yeah I’m thinking a sleeping sheet too. I really don’t want to be wasting space and weight carrying around something I might only use a little. I’ll just chuck a jumper on if it gets cold.

I’m at the clink from the 3rd June. Would love to meet some people before the tour starts. So a beer or 2 sounds like a great idea.



Hi all

I’m on this tour too! I’m staying at the Clink the night before (4th June)…reading these forums makes me sooo excited!!

Hey Mike, I’m doing the Trail to Berlin also…and I picked up a sleeping bag on the weekend…I think its better safe than sorry and I have heard that the bedding is a bit dodge.

oh and I’m Emma from Brisbane and I will be celebrating my 30th somewhere on this tour…think it works out to be on the French Riviera…awesome!!

Can’t wait to meet you all…

see you all soon…


Hi Emma

Look forward to meeting you too! How cool that you get to celebrate your 30th overseas. We will have to make it a special event!

See u soon



Hey Emma.

How exciting that you are having your birthday on the tour and your 30th as well!! We will definitely have to do something exciting to celebrate it. It will definitely be a birthday you will remember!

See you soon


My house mate and i are joining up with this Tour in Paris on the 5th of June. We will be in Paris from the 3th June than we leave the tour in Amsterdam on the 24th as we staying on in Amsterdam to catch up with our old house mate who now lives in Holland. We heading back to Australia on the 28th of June and as for this sleeping bag thing… i wouldn’t take one … just more stuff to carry


Less than a month to go! :slight_smile:

No volcanic Ash please!