European Getaway 5th June 2010


[color=800080]Hey all

My name is Amanda, F, 28 and from Australia. This is my first time overseas and first time doing a tour also. I have payed to do the European Getaway dept. 5th June 2010. It is great to see that others on here are doing the same one as me. I am also going to travel on my own. Before I get to London, I am going to spend a week in Thailand, and after the tour I am heading to Edinburgh, Dublin, then to New York, LA and Canada each for aprox 4 days. So this my trip of a life time! I am a bit nervous and also nervous about making sure I have enough money to cover my time in each place (budget). So I think once I am on the plane about to leave and have everything all sorted out like vaccinations, accommodation, budget, cash money, bag and stuff, it will hit me, and I will get excited.

Please email me if you are interested in chatting further regarding the tour. I would love to share thoughts and ideas and also would love to meet fellow tour friends that are going on the same tour as me: Any advice would be fantastic? One question I have thought of: if I buy souvenirs while on the trip, whats the best way and economical way to send them back to Australia?

Cheers Happy Traveling!

X Amanda[/color]