European Getaway 4th September


Hi[br][br]just wondering if anyone else is going on the European Getaway tour on the 4th of September? would love to hear from you![br][br]Nicola :slight_smile:


Hey Nicola, I have booked on for this tour on the 4th of September, anyone else on this tour yet?


Hey [br][br]i havent heard from anyone else on the forum, but i have talked a friend from work into coming with me as well. thats 3 so far! are u going over earlier?


I will only be there a couple of days ealier…where abouts are you from…I am getting pretty excited about it!! You on facebook?[br]


hey, we arrive on the 1st of October so we have 2 days before the tour starts. we are going to do a walking tour of london then probably do a day trip out to stonehenge as well. if you want to join us feel free![br][br]im from Qld, Aus… you? [br][br]i cant wait its only 19 weeks to go! i wish it was next week! [br][br]oh and yes im on facebook - Nicola Larsen


You going on the September or October tour? You said september earlier??


oops, i meant that i arrive on the 1st of september, sorry about that.


hey nicola,[br][br]Ahh very good I am booked on the same tour then…think we should make a facebook group or something. Anyway I will try and look you up on FACEBOOK…I am pretty excited as well. Have been reading alot of forums and comments about the trip, should be a blast. [br][br]Tim


hey[br][br]have u seen the youtube video on the globetrotter inn? its fantastic! made it seem more real. i want to leave now!!!


Anyone else locked in for this tour yet?


Hi you two. Yes there is one more coming along I’m booked in as well… looks like a great trip can’t wait. Steve


Hi guys me and my friend are on this tour:)[br]where is everyone from? we are fromlittle old new zealand - yayyy 16 weeks to go , cant wait


hey all I am from Brissy!!! Cant wait


I’m from brissy as well


Sweet some ozzys on the trip hahah:p we are in london a day b4 we start with topdeck so might meet up with u guys earlier anyway.


Hi all[br][br]Is it time to leave yet??? Can’t wait to go… 15 weeks is too long


yay more people! woohoo. and it seems like we are all from brissy! are any of you guys heading over early? Nicola


what are u on about chris, i have to work with you for another 15 weeks before we go! :)[br][br]if any of you guys are heading over early it would be great to catch up over there before the tour starts, we arrive on the 1st september and are staying at the globetrotter.


hey all I have created a facebook group for all that are interested!!![br][br][br][br]The countdown begins!!![br][br]Tim


Hi all… I’m flying into Athens and spending 10 days in the Greek Islands. Then arriving in London 1 week before the tour and staying at my brothers place. Yes it would be great to catch up prior if we can arrange it…Steve