European Getaway 4th July


Anyone going? [br][br]Have had a massive block of leave plastered onto the calendar (it had stickers you see…), and it keeps getting closer, 4 more weekends! Gonna be good. [br][br]Kind of dreading the plane flight though, 3*8hours. :|[br][br]How does one say coffee in various languages? We need to be prepared :)[br][br]bounce bounce 4 weekends!


Hey,[br][br]I am on this tour, I can’t wait! not long now! [br][br]When do you get to London, are you staying at the hostel the night before the trip?[br][br]I spoke to a girl on here a couple of weeks ago who is also on the tour and we were going to meet up in the hostel the night before the trip. Let me know if you are around the night before and want to meet up too. [br][br]Fiona[br][br]Fiona


Cool! Hi Fiona :slight_smile: [br][br]I’m staying at the generator hostel too the night before we leave. I’m only landing at 6pm though, so I’m going to be pretty buggered though, didn’t think to leave a bit more of a gap :confused: Might see you breakfast time on the day, slightly less zombie-like and smelly. I hear there is toast?[br][br]Going to be around London for a few days afterwards, hoping to meet others on the trip doing the same. [br][br]Looking forward to anything in particular? I’m keen on the Jungfrau trip, TAKING PHOTOS OF STUFF, pretty pictures, pretty scenery, Paris, trying to find the Escher museum in Amsterdam plus everything else :slight_smile: Ahem. [br][br]bounce (awww, very difficult to concentrate on uni)[br][br]Sarah.[br][br][br]European Getaway 4th July :smiley:


Hi Sarah,[br][br]It’s good that you have time in London at the end of the tour, I am from England and used to live in London, it’s a brilliant place. [br][br]I am not sure if there is breakfast actually, I havent looked at the hostel. We have to meet quite early in the morning on the Saturday I thought. [br][br]I am really looking forward to going to Italy, although the whole trip sounds good. [br][br]Not long to go now![br][br][br][br]Fiona


Hey Sarah and Fiona,[br][br]I’m on this trip too can’t wait…bring on summer![br][br]Fiona are still keen to meet up for a drink the night before? When are you getting to the Generator?[br][br][br][br]


Hi Belinda,[br][br]I am still up for meeting up the night before. I think I will get to the hostel at about 4ish. When do you arrive?[br][br]Fiona


Great!I fly in from Aus in the morn so will either be exploring or sleeping. I’m sure we will run into each other. Can’t wait!!!


Hi Bel17,[br][br]Yay, another weekend closer :smiley: [br][br](Yes - summer. I spent they day walking around the house in my thickest coat till about 12 today (and this is Brisbane), such a wuss. I’m hoping for warmth over there, in Italy at least :slight_smile: )[br][br]Look forward to seeing you guys.[br]Sarah.[br][br]European Getaway 4th July :smiley:


Hi Belinda,[br][br]Do you want to set a time to meet in reception? Or are you taking a phone and I can text you and arrange a time on the day? Just in case we miss each other as I think the hostels quite big. [br][br]Sarah - Is it cold in Australia at the moment then - I suppose it’s your winter. It’s not very nice here in England either, although thats pretty normal here! Should be nice and hot on the trip (I hope anyway!)[br][br]Looking forward to meeting you both - under 4 weeks to go![br][br]Fiona


Fiona[br][br]That sounds great. Whats your email address I’ll send you my phone number. What about we arrange to meet at 6?? just in case my phone doesn’t work or something.[br][br]Sarah - I guess if your not feeling too bad after your flight you can come for a drink. I’m not sure how I am going to handle the 23hrs of flying either. Oh well![br][br][br][br] [br][br][br][br][br]


Its not quite in the depths of winter yet I suppose, but its supposed to be 9-19 tomorrow, which is cold enough for me. Think I would have to be chiselled out of a European winter.[br][br]Hi Belinda, now you’re showing me up :slight_smile: I would like to say hi if I am feeling up to it, just not sure if I will be, maybe I could give you guys a call if I’m feeling coherent? We can take turns at falling asleep :slight_smile: I’m not sure if I’ll have a phone, but my email starts with inboofheadwetrust, and ends with[br][br]3 weeks, 2 days.


My email address is fiona_drew_uk I was thinking 6 too, so shall we say meet in reception at 6 unless we hear otherwise?[br][br]Sarah it would be good to see you too but I completely understand if you dont feel up to it, that’s a very long flight![br][br]Fiona


Sounds like a plan Fiona…i’ll email you guys my number right now.[br][br]Sarah when do you leave? I’m leaving on the 2nd from Melboune in the arvo. Stopover in Singapore and Zurich and get to London around 8am on the 3rd.


Wow, thanks for asking that Belinda. I just realised I get to London at ~6:00 in the morning, not at night! Looks like I will be meeting you guys! lol. [br][br]I’m going with royal brunei, we leave at 11:00am from Brisbane, stopovers at Brunei (bandar seri begawan) and Dubai, and turn up Friday morning. At 6:00.[br][br]3 weeks. Can’t wait.


Hi,[br][br]That’s good news, I will see you both at 6 in recption then![br][br]Fiona


Hi,[br][br]I’ll be in your group as well. I’m currently in Poland, will be joining you all in Paris. My schengen visa is only single entry T.T The embassy said, “nobody will chase u around in Europe.” Hope it doesn’t give me any trouble fingers crossed [br][br]Angel[br][br][br][br]European Getaway 4 - 23 July 09


Hi Angel,[br][br]It’s good to hear from someone else on the tour. What’s Poland like? I hear it’s really nice. See you in Paris![br][br][br][br]Fiona


Hi Fiona,[br][br]Yup, it’s nice. I can show u the photos I took if u want to when we meet. I’ve only been to 4 cities so far, though. Going to another one before joining the trip.[br][br]See u in Paris.[br][br]Angel[br][br]European Getaway 4 - 23 July 09


Hi Angel,[br][br]Yeah I would definitely like to see the photos. See you in Paris.[br][br]Fiona


Hi Angel,[br]Good to see another one. Ditto on the photos :slight_smile: Have you been travelling long?[br][br]Not long now! Just one more week of work…[br]Sarah.