European Getaway 4th August 2012


Hi there!

Wanting to say hi to anyone doing this tour now that I am all booked… :slight_smile:

Come chat to me!!



A few friends and I are going on this day too ! :slight_smile:


Hi all. I’m booked into this tour too. I’m a solo traveller.
Bring on August! I can’t wait!


Excellent! Was starting to think I was the only one… ha ha ha ha! I am soooo excited! First trip to this part of the world for me. Also my first tour and first solo trip! YAY! Anyone staying in London before or after the tour? I arrive in London the day before the tour and will be in London for 6 nights after.


Hi everybody, I think I am booked on this tour too! There for the night before the tour starts and there for 3 nights after the tour finishes- can’t wait!


I am there the night before too Carli!!! Less than 100 sleeps to go! Yay!!!


Hi, just booked the tour as well, pretty exciting! I’ll be travelling solo…
Planning on coming to London a night or two before the tour and staying a few days after it ends.
Soo stoked!!! :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:
My friend and I are going on this tour in the middle of a RTW trip. We leave in 26 days, we’re so excited! My friend is 26, and I’m 28. This is my first time really travelling. See you all soon!!


For the people that are arriving the night before the tour, where are you planning on staying?

Tess: nice to “meet” you. I’m 29 and also travelling for pretty much the first time.


Yay!!! So glad to see more people on here!!! I am staying at the hostel the night before. Looking forward to it!!


Lyndall: see you there! :slight_smile:


38 Sleeps!!
I’ll be at the hostel the night before and the night after aswell. We will all have to grab a drink that night/afternoon.


Yay Louise!!! I am glad to see I am not the only one counting down! I am coming from Brisbane the day before too… Might see ya at the airport… Ha ha ha ha! Can’t wait to get out of this crappy winter weather and into some European sunshine!!


Oh, hope u mean Brisbane Australia… Just remembered there is one in the USA.


Haha yeah I’m from Brisbane Australia, but I’ve been living in Oxford, UK since the begining of the year. I took a year off uni and am working here as an au pair. So not quite as far to travel as you!


August 4th is coming up quick!
Definite yes to drinks the night before:)
What time do you girls fly in on the 3rd?


Yay- I am so looking forward to the warm weather. I am flying from Melbourne on the 2nd and landing in London on the 3rd sometime in the morning. I am staying at the hotel the night before and after for 4 nights.
Would like to do drinks the night before but have to wait and see how jet lagged I am!


Hey guys, I’m on this as well. First time traveling outside of New Zealand by myself so really looking forward to it. I’m booked in for the night before the tour, and I’m going to be around London for about a week after as well.


8 sleeps!!!


Not long now everyone!! Can’t wait!!