European Getaway 4th-23rd of July 2017


Hello! My name is Dana and I’m 21 from Perth, travelling alone. I havn’t seen anyone else post about this tour yet so I thought I’d just make one and see if I not the only one going! I’m so excited (but nervous) to go on this tour and meet everyone on this trip of a lifetime!


Hey Dana, My name is Desiree - i was just having a look on the website and noticed your post…i am 22 from Perth going on this tour 4th-23rd of July 17 too :slight_smile:


Hey guys! My name is Kevin i just booked this as well. First time to Europe and also a solo traveller from Sydney. I’ll be in London from the 30th of June. Super excited!


Hi Kevin,

Super exciting! It is my first time too!! - Solo traveller :slight_smile:

I will be in London from the 27th of June, we should meet for a coffee when you arrive!


Hey Kevin! I get into London on the 3rd but would love to meet you guys before the tour starts as well. :slight_smile:


Hi Desiree,

That sounds great we should definitely meet for a coffee! Do you have much planned for London?


Hey Dana,

Sounds great would be good to know some people before we do this trip of a lifetime!


Hey guys I’m Kyra - 19 from Wellington, NZ. Can’t wait to meet you guys! :smile:


Hi Kyra!

Can’t wait to meet you too! When do you get into London? :slight_smile:


July 3rd wbu?!


Same!! :joy:


Hi Kevin,

Definitely :slight_smile: Add me on Facebook and when I get to London i will msg you.

I don’t have much planned at all, I will be staying with my Aunty and I have a friend living over there so i guess taking the time before the tour to explore the city!! You?


Dana & Kyra - Really looking forward to meeting you both :slight_smile: SO excited for this trip!!


Hey guys! Im Nada, and i’ll be joined by my two uni friends Amber and Hayley, all from Adelaide, Australia! We land in London on the 2nd of July, were all so excited for the trip and keen to meet you all :smiley:


Hi Nada :slight_smile: how exciting! Really looking forward to meeting you and your friends!!


Hey guys! My names Aimee, I’m from Wollongong (Just south of Sydney, Australia) and I’ll be going on this tour too! Im starting from the Paris pick up, but I can’t wait to meet you all! :smile:


Hi Aimee! Can’t wait to meet you as well. :smile:


Hey guys!

My name is Adrian, I’m 19 and from Sydney! I’m travelling with a mate of mine on this tour, and get to London on July 3! Keen to meet everyone!


Hey Everyone. If you haven’t joined the Facebook group yet go here:


hi ok youre group is nic
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