European Getaway 4 May 2013



I’ve booked this tour and I’m travelling on my own! Has anyone else booked yet?

I’m super excited!!! C’mon May!!

Harriet :slight_smile:


Hey Harriet!

I just booked today with a friend of mine for the tour. I’m super excited. We are both 23 year olds traveling from Sydney, Australia.

Feel free to PM me if you’d like to get my details/keep in contact before the tour otherwise I look forward to see you there! :slight_smile:


Yay! So glad to hear someone else is booked!

Awesome, I’m 21 from Wellington, NZ. But my dad has been living in Sydney for the past few years and I love it there!

I’ve got 10 days in London pre the tour, have you got many other plans? :slight_smile:


We just arrive a couple of days before tour, but have quite a few things planned after the tour :slight_smile:

If you go to the Topdeck Meet app, look up our tour, I started a group to find other people also going on this tour. So if you go there either on your phone or facebook you can add me as a friend and I can send you private messages via facebook (and not the whole of the internet, cause there are some creepy people out there) and tell you more about myself & my plans.


In Europe London is best city to visit.Nights of London also beautiful to visit.


Hi guys,

I’ve recently booked this trip as well with a friend of mine :). We are both 23 from Adelaide, Australia.

We are doing a couple days in London before the trip starts as well :).

So excited :).

Looking forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile:


Hi all,

Just booked this tour today - did a topdeck (Britain and Ireland) a few years ago and loved it, can’t wait for this one! Can’t wait meet everyone :slight_smile:


Sup everyone!! counting down the days untill our departure…
My name is Harry, i am 19, and travelling solo, my Melbourne Australia :slight_smile:
can’t wait to meet u all ;D



Hey guys, just booked this tour. I’ve been living in Finland the last 4 months so pretty pumped to get away from the freezing cold here and have an awesome 3 weeks in europe!!!


Hey Everyone!

Looking forward to meeting you all. @leefrom Finland. We have a bit of a discussion going on the Topdeck Meet app on facebook/android/iphones if you wanted to join in :slight_smile: