European Getaway 3rd May 07


I’m so excited, it’s going to be my first real overseas holiday.[br]I just wanted to double check that if I’m travelling on an Australian passport will I need to get a visa for any of the countries?[br]Is there anyone else here going to be on the same tour?


Hi Meg[br][br]I work for Topdeck in reservations.[br]I am pleased to advise that if you are travelling on an Australian passport you do not require any visas for the European Getaway.[br][br]Have a fantastic time on your trip!![br]If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.[br][br]Alison (Topdeck Reservations London)[br]


Hi Meg[br][br]I did this tour last year and left at the same time your are, it is an awesome tour I had the best time you will love it. Passport is not an issue. I wish I was going again


hey!![br][br]im goen on this tour!! um, 18th of July…when are u goen?


soz mate - realised this wasnt the tour im doing!! hope u hav heaps of fun though!


Hey there[br]I’m also going on this tour leaving on the 3rd May. And my name’s Megan too. It will be my first time in Europe so I’m getting pretty excited too. [br]Can anyone tell me how to go about booking in to the Globetrotter Hotel for the night before? Can we do that through Topdeck too?[br]:)[br][br]Thanks[br][br]Megan[br][br]Megan