European Getaway 31 July 2010?


Hi! My names Jess, 24 from Canberra Australia :slight_smile: My sister Lia and I are doing to the European Getaway departing 31 July 2010. We’re staying at the Clink hostel for a few days before the tour so would be great to catch up with any of you doin the same tour for a drink beforehand!!! Im so excited!! Not long now!


Hey Jess,
Im Amy, 23 from Brisbane and i am doing this tour aswell! I’m arriving on 29 July and staying at the Clink too. 8 weeks to go, i am that excited!


Yay!! Can’t wait! not long to go now! :slight_smile: Have you been to europe before? This is my first time.


Hi my name is Caitlin, i’m from western victoria and i’ll be doing this trip with my friend Amy! Were also staying at Clink hostel 2 nights before the trip. It would be great to meet up at the hostel before the trip and share a few stories over drinks!


Woohoo, 7 weeks to go! This is my first time to Europe too.
I am travelling by myself so would be great to catch up with all of you before the trip for drinks! I arrive at the Clink Hostel late on Thursday night 29 July. So maybe the Friday night we can meet up, i am sure there will be a good pub close by!


[font=Trebuchet MS]Hi Everyone-- My name is Danielle and this will be my first time to Europe as well! I am traveling with my boyfriend, Luiz, on this tour as well and we are both 21. We are from USA and we will be staying a week in Paris before the tour begins on the 31st. Yayy I am so excited to meet everyone! Only 31 days left!!! ;D ;D[/font]


Woo hoo!! Not long to go now!! Cant wait I’m soo excited!! I’ll c u all for a drink!!


My name is Pete, I’m 24 and currently living in Bath in the South West of England. I did a top deck trip to Amsterdam for New Years 2010 and it was absolutely epic, so I’m back for some more.
I’m gonna be arriving at Clink Friday afternoon. Its a great idea to meet up before on the Friday. Just to warn who ever may be keen, there aren’t really a huge number of nice places to drink at kings cross as the area isn’t that nice a place in the evenings, i would totally be up for a cheeky drink/chat in the hostel or in London itself though with who ever may be around at the time??? I look forward to meeting you all very soon. B-)

P.s. I cannot wait to try Canyon Jumping!!!


Hey guys!! Not long now!! I definitely think drinks fri nite are in order! Can’t wait to meet u all xo :slight_smile: