European Getaway 30thoct - 18th nov


:)Hi has anyone booked for the European Getaway trip from October 30th to November 18th and I’m looking to see who else is going on that trip!!
I’m spending a couple of days in London before the trip and a 2 weeks at the end. Im going with a friend of mine and its going to be our first tour!! Also if there is anyone thats been on tours around the same places in nov i need any ideas on what clothes to take???
Let me know if you’re on this trip!
:slight_smile: :wink: ;D


Hey hey!
I’m booked for the European Getaway tour but its October 30th - November 18th… is this the same one?
I’m spending a couple of days in London before as well and have a week after.
Going solo and totally excited! :slight_smile:


Whoops put the wrong dates hahahah yes its the same hahahhaha better change the dates on here hahah


Yeah im getting a little excited now the count down is on !!! 39 days till i leave to go over !! not sure if im more excited for tour or not having to go to work hahahha


I know right haha! So when do you head over? I’ll be in London just wandering around exploring from the 28th… bit nervous for the part where I get off the plane and I’m alone in London lol. Where are you staying before?


we leave here on the 25th we are staying at the clink hostel when we get there till tour then a night after tour. What about you?


Yeah staying at the Clink on the 29th and the night we get back from the tour. Planning on heading up to Edinburgh after so… :slight_smile:


cool we will see you there!!!


Hey im going on the tour, im heading to London the nigt before the tour starts and staying at the clink. I will also be staying on in London for another two days after the tour finishes, then heading on to Glasgow :slight_smile:


Cool we are already here !! weather not too bad so far not that cold … just so you know check in is not till 2.30pm we got here at 9.00am to be told that but you can put your bag in the luggage room so thats good …



My husband and I are booked and counting down the days to go!
We are arriving the day before and staying at the Clink for 2 nights after. Very excited!!

My ticket says that the trip departs on the 29th Oct and arrives back on the 17th November. Im guessing you are all meeting up in Paris on the 30th?

Our names are Jacki and Nicholas. We will be at the Clink for a few drinks the night before we depart :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m on this tour too, but yeah, I thought it was a 29th departure? Eh, either way, right? Can’t wait for this thing, and to not be at work.