European getaway 30th june


who else is going? :slight_smile:


I am going on the Trail to Berlin which is part of the European Getaway i think :slight_smile:


Hello Lexie Ford,

I welcome to you to Berlin. and Enjoy the beauties of Berlin.


Hey Lexie - where abouts are you going on your tour ? Do you have facebook? ;D



I’m going on this tour too :smiley:
If you have a smartphone, you can download the app ‘topdeck meet’. A few of us have met each other through that too :smiley:



I do have facebook, you can add me if you like :slight_smile: My profile picture is me sitting on a wooden fence at the beach. I go everywhere the European Getaway goes, except i finish in Berlin.

I just tried downloading the topdeck meet app and i can’t get it cause i need to do an update on my phone :frowning: i will keep trying though!


Hi there!

I will be going on this same date. =)