European Getaway - 30th July 2011


I was having a look at the other topics and it didn’t look like anyone was on this tour? Is anyone?
Would be nice to know I’m not the only one :slight_smile:
My first time overseas and I’m super excited!


Hey, im going on the European getaway on the 23rd of July… I also thought I was the only one for a long time, but I’ve now met 1 other person.


Hi, I’m going on this the European Getaway on the 30th July. I know I was looking to see if many people were going and couldn’t find anyone!


Well at least I know I wont be the only one! Are you staying at Clink the night before?


Hi I am also on this tour. I am staying at the clink on Friday night if anyone would like to meet up.


Hi everyone! My friend Greg and I are on the European Getaway 30th July 2011. We are staying in the Clink Hostel on Friday night before departing far too early on the Saturday morning. Look forward to seeing you all there. Oscar


Sweet! see you all at Clink!