European Getaway - 30th Dec


Hey - was just wondering if anyone is going on this tour?


Hey Emma,[br]Yea i’m on this tour too, can’t wait for it to start. Where abouts from oz r ya? U travelling with anyone?[br][br]Glenn


Hi Glenn, am travelling on my own - what about you? Am from Melbourne (originally from Tas but have lived here for about 5 years now). Where in NZ are you from?


ah Melbourne ay, bummer about the grand final yesterday :p. I’m travelling on my own as well (although a friend of a friend - who I havn’t met yet - will be on the tour). Am from Auckland.[br]So you staying at the globetrotter the night before the tour? it’ll be cool if most of the tour is, gives a chance to meet over a few beers[br]


Am also staying at globetrotters the night before - a beer or 2 sounds like a great idea.


Is anyone else out there coming on this tour?


hey emma[br]not long till the tour now![br]so when are you arriving at globetrotters? i get into london mid-morning on monday then may be going to see some of the sights that are close by[br]anyways jus let me know when u’d like to meet up on monday for that beer or 2