European Getaway 2nd June 2012


Hi I’ve booked this tour from 2nd June to 21st June. I’m a single traveller and would like to know who else is on the same tour, would love to meet you guys before I go :slight_smile:


Hey Cindy! I’m on this tour too- I’m staying at the Clink Hostel the night before we leave :slight_smile:


Hi guys, I am thinking of booking this tour sometime tomorrow or Friday. I am an Australian & I have recently moved to London two months ago. I will be doing this tour on my own as well & just wanted to make some friends before I board.

If you guys want, we can exchange details & I can show you guys around London when you arrive??


Hi guys, i’ll join the tour in Paris on the first night. and I’m staying in London for another 2 days after the trip.

my email address: Lizzie have you booked the tour yet? it’ll be great if you can give me some tips of where to go for the 2 days in London :slight_smile: btw I live in Sydney :wink:


Hey Girls!
I’ve been living in Bristol for the past year, but I’m going back to Adelaide after the tour ends. I’m only staying in London the night before the tour starts.
My email is :slight_smile:

Would be great to meet you before we depart!


Hey! Woo more people going! I’m a kiwi in London for the past four months going back home after, staying at clink the night before :smiley:
AHHHH! Only a week to go!