European Getaway - 2nd July


I have 2 more exams to go, but I’m getting so excited for this trip and procrastinating from study!
I’ll be on this tour with 3 friends - is anyone on here joining us for this tour?!


Wow! That’s exactly the same as me! 2 exams to do and procrastinating like nobody’s business! I’ve got one the day before I fly out. Don’t know how I’m going to get through that one!

There’s 9 of us (all Aussies) who are going on this tour in a group on Facebook. Group Link![/url] You’re all obviously welcome to join if you’re on FB. If the link doesn’t work here’s [url=]my profile


I just requested to join your group, and I’ll get my other friends to join.
This is awesome - We’re all Aussies too!
I just realised there’s another thread already for this tour, so I’ve replied there too!