European Getaway 2nd July - 21st July


Hi guys,

I booked this trip a few weeks ago. This is my first trip overseas to celebrate my last year of uni (finally) and it would be great to get into contact with anyone else on this tour ^^



Hey there! There’s a couple of threads for this tour floating around, but I’ll reply to this one too (they seem to die when I post on them, so hopefully this one doesn’t)! I’m loving hearing from people going on the tour!

Anyway, I’m going on this tour with my boyfriend. It’s my last year on uni too (my boyfriend’s second last) so we thought we’d go away while we still could.

I know of two other people going on the tour just from the threads here, and I’ve got one of them on Facebook. =)

Will you be staying in London before/after? If so, how long for?


Hi AmyLouise,

Sorry for the late reply! I didn’t think anyone saw this :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s so great! I was hoping there would be some ppl just finishing uni, ready to celebrate :slight_smile:

I’m staying in London from the 29th till the start of the tour. How about you?



We’re arriving in London late on the 25th, then we’re heading out to Bath to stay with some of my relatives. We’ll be back in London on the 30th before the tour. :slight_smile:


Cool! I’ve heard Bath is beautiful.

Have you guys thought about what to do on the free days?

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The free days before/after or during the tour?

I’ve been to London before, but it was only a day trip. Same with Prague. I was 14 at the time though…haha. The only city I know much about is Paris - where I’ll hopefully been meeting up with a friend who’s living over there amongst going to see the sights. Need to research the other cities a little bit I think.

We’re both extremely keen on paragliding at the Tyrol though. ;D

I added you by the way.


I mean during the tour ***

I’ve not been anywhere so i’ve got my lonely planet book all tabbed :stuck_out_tongue:

I found a great site ( and they offer free tours in major european cities! I was thinking of doing the Prague one seeing as we’ve got a whole day there.

I want to do see everything I can in Florence too! Looks amazing

wow paragliding! do you guys have the optional activities list already?


I’ve got a few guide books for Italy from my Nan as she went there a few years back. I’ll have to have a good look at them.

I think I know too much about Paris - I kinda want to see everything. But it’s okay because we’re going on a city lights tour the first night we’re there so we can see where everything is!

We have a couple of friends who did the same tour in October/November and they told us that it was an option in the Tyrol but they couldn’t do it due to the weather (as winter was on the way in). They also said about the Paris tour. But yeah, I know there’s paragliding at the Tyrol, as well as skydiving in the Alps and/or at the Tyrol if you want to do it!

If you go to the tour page on here and look down the right side you can open a pdf that has a slightly more detailed itinerary and another with a guide for optional activity costs (the tyrol isn’t on there though). :slight_smile:


Thanks for that amy.

I just had a look, there’s some great things to do.

I’m a little scardy cat so I may be too chicken to paraglide! (we’ll see :P)
Skydiving too would be amazing especially in the Alps.

Getting so excited now!


I thought I’d bump the thread in the hopes of finding more people! I only know of 4 of us! :frowning:


Hey Gen, that’s awesome! Are you all staying in London before/afterwards?


My boyfriend and I arrive on the 25th. We’re heading out to Bath the next day to stay with some of my relatives, we’re back on the 30th, staying at Clink 78. I’m going to the Glee Live concert on the night of the 30th (my boyfriend’s finding something else to do! Haha!) and we’ve got tickets for Les Miserables on the night of the 1st. We fly back home at 10pm on the 22nd, so we’ll have another day in London. ;D The other nights we’re in London (not the two before the tour) we’re staying at the International Student House.

Wow, besides James and me, you’re all from Queensland! :slight_smile:


oh my goodness i am so jealous! i have 10 pages of les miserables (the book) left and i’m killing to see it at west end! that’s good that we’ll all be at clink together for at least the last night before the tour!


Only 10 pages left? I couldn’t stand only having that little amount left! Go finish it!! I’ve got the book sitting in my room waiting for me to start reading it! Uni work keeps getting in the way all the time! I’ve grown up with the musical soundtrack though!

I’m SO excited because Alfie Boe, Matt Lucas and Hadley Fraser from the 25th anniversary concert are taking over as Valjean, Thenardier and Javert from the 25th/26th (can’t remember which!) of June.

Are you and your friends on Facebook? If so you can add me:


I finished the book!! Aghh such an achievement haha! OMG…NO WAY! I have grown up with it too - that makes me so much more excited to see it if they are in it!! Did you happen to see the 25th anniversary film version? It was awesome! I’ll add you on facebook and inbox you the names of the other girls!


:S Sorry
i actually created a new thread for this tour, but I swear I searched and this thread didn’t come up!

I’m also on this tour, with 3 other friends from high school!
I requested to join the facebook group! The 4 of us are Aussies too, originally from Canberra, but now we’re a bit all over the place with uni.


That’s alright! I added you, so you can add the others in directly yourself (at least, I think you can).