European Getaway 29 May


Just a shout out to all those who are booked on this trip? ;D[br][br]StephieG[br]c/- Tassie[br]European Getaway 2008


Hi![br][br]I just noticed this message u posted back in Dec. Im going on this trip!! are u still?[br][br]:)Mel


Hello,[br]my sister Amanda and I will be on this tour in May.[br]I’m interested finding others that will also going.[br]Cheers,[br]MelandManda [^]


Hi Mel & Manda[br][br]My friend & I are going on this tour, Where are u girls from? Are u doing any travelling before or after the tour? Can’t wait to meet everyone!![br][br]Mel;D


Is anyone doing a working holiday after the tour? (still deciding what im doing!)


[br]no just going home, back to work after the tour :frowning:


Hi Mel,[br]my sister and I are on working holidays here in London at the moment and we will be staying in London for a while after the tour. We’re both from Brissie, but living and working in London. [br]Joanna, you’ll be coming at an awesome time, my sister and I arrived here mid-winter and regretted it as it was just too cold!! We’re heading off to Scotland this weekend, so we’ll be cold there, but it is generally warming up in London.[br]Will either of you be arriving in London much before the tour?[br][br]Mel and Manda


[br]Hey, I am from Newcastle, I will be in london for a week before the tour, staying with a friend who is also from Oz working in London. Cant wait to meet u all!! :slight_smile:


Im from Christchurch. Yeah that was the plan to go in Spring/ Summer - just as its getting colder and darker here! Im not sure that ill make the 29th one as i have to apply for a working visa, and they dont recommend booking flights etc before thats sorted. ill make a trip to the travel agent Saturday i think. Mel did you know anyone over there before you went? Im a bit worried ill do the tour then get so homesick ill want to come home straight after!


Hi Joanna,[br]well, my sister and I had our flights booked for about 3 months before we applied for our Working Holiday Maker Visa. We received it with about a month to spare before we left… thankfully! Booking it that early ensured that we would receive the best price for those flights. It’s best to talk with a travel agent. When we first came here, my sister knew one work friend that was here. Other than that, we had no one! It was a hard first month! Since then, we’ve made friends and have friends of friends, so it’s great! We did get really homesick, despite having a sister here we wanted to go home. We’ve really enjoyed ourselves more when we had the chance to travel and see a bit more of the UK. It definitely would be something that you won’t regret![br]Mel


Oh, I thought they had got rid of this folder! [br]Yes, I’ll be on the tour! I’ll be travelling by myself so its great to be in contact with someone before the trip. I’ll be staying on afterwards until end of June, going to Croatia, etc. My bro lives in London so…[br]How old are all of you? I’m 24.[br]So excited about the trip, should be a ripper![br][br]StephieG[br]c/- Tassie[br]European Getaway 2008


Hi Stephie[br][br]Im 23,travelling with a friend,he is 29. Is it your first time travelling… So much to think about, what to take?! so exciting!:slight_smile:


Hey all, well only just over 5 weeks until our tour… pretty exciting!! My sister and I have just had a taste of touring, with a Haggis tour of Scotland last week. But, we’re really looking forward to this Euro trip! Is everyone else?


[br]Hey, yeah im really looking forward to the trip! its getting cold here at home will be glad to have an extra month of warm weather! how was scotland? Im staying in London for a week before the trip with a friend but she will be working most days, Is there anything u recommend for me to do by myself, a little scared to hop on a bus by myself!but thats part of the fun!


Hi Mel, my parents have been telling me how it is cooling quite quickly at home. The weather here is beginning to warm up, that’s pretty cool seeing my sister and I have had really cold weather for nearly 4 months now! Scotland was amazing!! I hope that I get the chance to go back there sometime soon! For a week in London, there will be so much that you can do like see a West End show (you can get tickets as cheap as 1/2 price if you buy them on the day), visit Trafalgar Square, National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery and British Museum (which all have free entry), London Eye and Big Ben, Oxford Street, Harrods, Portobello Markets, Greenwhich, Buckingham Palace, or even take a day trip to Stratford-upon-Avon or Bath (which I would really recommend, it is a really beautiful city!) As you can see, there is really so much that you can do here. I do recommend that as soon as you get here that you buy an oyster card as you will save heaps of ??? if you’re doing all of the touristy things that you can visit by the tube. Hope this isn’t too much! *Mel


thanks for the awesome tips MelandManda[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Yes, this is my first trip overseas and as you all can expect I am a little nervous. Have a night stop over in Tokyo on the way there, so if I’m not there at the start of the tour its because I have got lost in the Tokyo international airport and am still trying to get over to the UK! Anyone staying the night before at the Globetrotter Inn? I’m just praying I don’t sleep in! [br]Ok, back to work…I’m working 6 days a week until the trip to get some extra $$$$ so DAMN I’m going to sleep on the bus![br]Keep in touch all, and if you hear of any great travel tips spread the word![br]Stephie[br][br]StephieG[br]c/- Tassie[br]European Getaway 2008


Heyyyy all ;D[br][br]My cousin Laura and I will also be on this tour - we cant wait…[br][br]StephG - dont worry if you are stuck in Tokyo i could be stuck in Seoul trying to get to London as i am stopping overnight there… we are staying at the Holiday Inn for the three nights before our tour starts… oh yeah our ages are 22 and 23 (me)[br][br]Joanna1 - I will be travelling around other parts of Europe for another 4-6 weeks after our tour finishes ten i will head back to London to find work and a place to live… i’m doing it on my own - i am soooo excited yet scared at the same time… [br][br]MelandManda - how did you girls do it?? how did you know where to live? and where are you living and working??? any tips??? was it hard finding work? did you organise accommodation before you arrived?[br][br][br]speak to you all soon[br][br]Natalie


Hi Natalie, [br]That’s awesome that you get to do this tour with your cousin. [br]We didn’t know where to live to start with, We spent a few weeks traveling and working out where we should live. We did stay in a hotel for the first week, I recommend staying in a hostel as it’s the cheapest option and will allow you to stay a bit longer rather than the very high cost of hotels. We do recommend that you find accommodation here before you arrive, if possible as the weather is warming up and more people seem to be here! We found it hard at first as we didn’t know ANYBODY here, but now we’ve made friends and travelled and really starting to love it. We’re living in Harrow, which is NW London. We’re about 30 mins from Central London. We found our permanent accommodation on which is a website that offers heaps of things including accommodation, jobs, events, you can even meet people on there, etc. Mel is a teacher and work was arranged before we arrived. Manda is an office temp and registered immediately with an employment company. If you’ve got any more questions, feel free to email me at[br]Take care,[br]MelandManda[br]


I have organised through a company here Global career link (anyone heard of them) to help me find a job… so hopefully all i have to do is turn up to interviews…[br][br]I will check out the gumtree website and if i have any questions i’ll email them straight to you - Thanks heaps…[br][br]as it is my first time overseas and i will be in working/living in london on my own i am scared to stay at a hostel - you dont always hear good stories… can anyone recommend some?