European Getaway 29 May 2010


Hey, Ive just booked this tour (Yikes, am trying to breathe…!)[br]Anyone else on this let me know, first time to Europe all on my own ::slight_smile:


I am not going on this tour but have done it previously… you will love it!! [br][br]Sarah


hehe thanks - have just read all 9 pages of the thread of the tour you went on! ah i dont think its sunk in yet that im actually going…


Hey my boyfiend and I are doing this tour as well and its also my first time to europe :slight_smile: cant wait.[br][br][br]Jess :o)


cool :slight_smile: are you just going for a holiday or working too?


Just going for a holiday we have a few days in london after the tour then heading to italy, staying one week with family, then 2 weeks travelling around italy by ourselves. Wish i was staying longer but.[br]What about you? any plans for further travel or work?[br][br]Jess :o)


sounds good. Yeah probably getting a working visa and will have a go at working after, just hospitality or something easy like that. But havent applied or told work im resigning or anything yet still dwelling on it!


i was nervous about telling work as well but they were fine with it because i gave them plenty of notice, i guess it just depends what your boss is like… id like to stay and work but cant really afford to stay any longer than what i am :frowning: what country/s do you want to work in?[br][br]Jess :o)


thats what works for! hehe. Just UK i think. Yeah my boss is actually from the UK so she’ll be sweet, and ill be giving her at least 4 months notice kindve thing. gotta sort out my passport first, thats nxt on list…it expires in may!


haha thats a good point you raise about work. I got my passport just before xmas, didnt take long, was very exciting as its my first one :slight_smile: How long do you think you’ll stay working in the UK?[br][br]Jess :o)


yeah dont have to work to save, just for a diff experience and to fund the rest of ur trip.[br]id like to stay for about 6 months but would just see how it goes, may be less may be more. Just wanna do something different, get out of my hometown :slight_smile: new passportness yay, youll be filling it up with heaps of cool stamps soon!


I envy you i wish i could stay and work as i have a feeling im going to love the place lol. Have you done much travelling before? I havent really so im excited to fill my passport up lol. I was looking at my dads old passports a few weeks ago and its packed full of stamps, cant wait for mine to get that way. :slight_smile: Where abouts are you from and how old are you? Im 21 and my boyfriend is 22.[br][br]Jess :o)


im **** scared! I actually dont know if i can hack working there without knowing anyone really. but at least if ive got a working visa i hav the option.[br]I went to Thailand in 07 for almost 4 weeks with a couple of friends, we backpacked around but mostly stayed in hotels cos they were so cheap. And I ended up in USA last May for 3 weeks, met my sister over there (she was coming back from her OE in UK) other than those trips just Brisbane. but ive always come back! [br][br]im 24, but will turn 25 while on the tour. From Christchurch NZ. What part of Aus are u from?


wow thats heaps of travelling compared to me lol! ive done a little around nsw and been to brisbane for 3 weeks but thats it!! ive actually decided to start looking into the option of working over there for another 3 months :slight_smile: as i was talking to a friend of mine who im meeting over in italy for the last week of my trip and she is staying there to work for a year. so i’ll let you know what i decide. [br][br]by the way having your bday on tour will be awesome!!! Im from sydney, NSW.


sweet, yeah let me know what u end up doing! hehe yeah hopefully someone will wanna party with me! we’ll be in Prague so thatll be cool.


Don’t be scared about working over there! [br][br]That’s what I am doing… I decided last month to pack up and leave Australia… so selling stuff off and paying off debts etc… [br][br]Get to London around the 15th of May, doing the European Pioneer tour for 36 days, then it’s back to London to work and live for 2 years! I am pretty nervous about it all, but also very excited!! :)[br][br]--------[br]European Pioneer 2010 20 May - 24 Jun


Im sure all of us will want to party with you, i know i definately will! what a great way to spend your birthday. [br]So i wonder if anyone else is doing this tour or is it just us for now lol[br]ive started looking into visas and companies that organise work over there for you :slight_smile: still not sure if we’re working but definately entertaining the idea.[br][br]Jess :o)


sweet Jess, Ive just moved home today to save money before May. exhausted! still unsure about it all, working in a foreign place knowing noone but i have nothing to leave behind here, so im trying to convince myself to just jump in and do it its all life experience. :p[br][br]therell be others, a few months to go! though its weird with how common internet is these days that everyone doesnt come on the website and say hello![br]Sam, what kind of work will you be looking at doing? How old are you? Have you been to uk before?


Have you already organised work over there or are you just going to head over and try your luck? Im thinking i’ll go through a comany which orgaises the work for you.[br]I’ve read on a few other posts that apparently not many people know about this forum, i dont how but, like you said the internet is so common. Allwell only a little over 4 months to go :slight_smile: getting very excited now!![br][br]Jess :o)


My sister has worked in a pub before, waitressing so she has some hospitality contacts that she can give me. So im just gna go with that, might email them before i go to check vacancies and then contact them after the tour whenever im ready to start working.[br]but i would def go through an agency if i didnt have anywhere to start from![br] what kind of work would you and your bf wanna do?