European Getaway 28th May 2016


Just seeing if anyone out there is headed on this trip? I’m a kiwi traveling solo, keen to meet anyone who might be joining this trip! :+1:


Hey! I’m on this trip and also travelling solo! Can’t wait!!!


Awesome, so looking forward to it aye! Where are you from?


Sydney, but been living in the UK since January and doing this trip before I go back!


Nice! I’ll be in London for a few days before the trip, hopefully there’s a few of us and we can catch up before the trip. :+1: Add me to fb if you like: Corey Frew


Hey! I’m travelling solo from NZ too, I’ll be in London a couple days beforehand :blush: my previous tour was cancelled so changed to this one, very excited!


I’ll be travelling solo from Canada, I haven’t booked my flights yet, but probably will be getting into London the morning of the 27th. This will be my first trip via Topdeck. if anyone wants to connect there.


Hey Brent, that’s awesome! I’d be keen to meet up with people on the 27th. I tried adding you on fb but it doesn’t give me that option? If you want you can try add me (no idea if that will work lol) what are you doing after the tour?


Hey guys! Ill be on this trip, sooooo excited!!! I’ll be getting in London on the morning of the 27th. Would be neat to meet up and explore London with you guys :slight_smile:


Hey Vanessa, welcome! Sounds like we have a few people now, maybe we should start a fb group for the trip?


Good idea. Just made one, here’s the link to the group!


Hey guys, I’m also a kiwi but am currently in the UK. Soo excited for this adventure, looking forward to meeting you all!