European Getaway 28th August + Living in London!


Hey ya,

Just wondering if anyone has booked for this tour?

Anyone moving over to London also?

Planning on staying there after my tour, would be awesome to get in contact with anyone doing this tour or staying in london.

Bhav’z :slight_smile:


Heya! I booked european wonder for October 7, am moving over to London in September though. I’m from Wellington, new Zealand! Going solo, how about you? I’m 20. Melissa


Hey Melissa,

Aw awesome, my tour finishes mid-sept!

I’m 23 from Auckland, Nz, going solo too. Real nervous and excited its come round so quick. One of the guys at work here was a topdeck tourguide for like 13 years just returned back to Nz this year - he’s given me tons of tips on jobhunting and flatting and shopping… etc!!

Feel free to email me and I can flick it your way too :slight_smile:


Hi Guys ,

I am booked on the same tour…! I am doing a solo adventure and will be staying in London for 10 days after the tour then heading back to South Africa.

Will you guys be staying in the Clink Hostel the night before the tour starts?

Hope to chat soon…

Yolande :slight_smile: