European Getaway 28 April 2012 - 17 May 2012


Hello hi,

Flyin’ solo on the European Getaway starting 28th of April 2012. Anyone else booked this trip? :slight_smile:


Hey Kimberley-rai!

Booked in for the same trip with my girlfriend. Heading over from New Zealand.
Are you from London/UK or on your OE?
Looking forward to meeting you in April!



Hey guys.
I’m thinking of booking this trip for 28 April :slight_smile:
I’ll be doin it alone, bit nervous. Do you know what the accommodation is like on this tour?
Would be good to keep in touch and know people before departing.



Hi Ive booked this trip on the 28th April as well. I’m travelling alone flying from Brisbane Australia so excited.


Hey everyone!

I’m doing this tour and travelling solo!


Hi All,

I too will be on this travelling solo…also i will be joining the tour late on the first night in Paris so id love to talk to some ppl before we go incase i get lost!! lol

So excited



Hey Sarah!

Sounds like there’s a lot of solo travellers doing this tour.

Not long to go :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah,

I’ve booked this trip. I arrive London Apr21 :slight_smile:

I’m so nervous. In case you get lost send me a message (Facebook Sara Portilla Ramírez)



Hey guys.

I’ve just booked to do this tour a few days ago, quick decision lol.
Going solo & a tad nervous!
Looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:



Hello, I’ve booked too, part of another thread. I can’t believe how many solo travellers there are :slight_smile: I’m also solo, first trip away. I come from England, so travelling down to London the night before and staying at the Hostel that evening. If you want to add me on Facebook, feel free to PM me!