European Getaway 28 April - 17 May 2018


Hey fellow travellers!

Myself and my cousin have booked this trip! We’re both from Adelaide, Australia and are looking forward to make some amazing memories.

For me this is my first time out of Australia and probably not my last either! My cousin has traveled over seas before, so hopefully that helps. We are very soon about to book our flights and probably accommodation as well, so more saving begins. We are spending the week after the tour back in London do to more sight seeing as we won’t have that much time before the tour when we flight in.

We look forward to meeting you all!


Hey guys!!

My boyfriend (Andy) and I are also going on this tour. We are both 23 and live in Brisbane, Australia. I’ve never been overseas before, but Andy has been on a tour previously when he was younger. We are spending a couple of days in London beforehand, spending a couple of days in Amsterdam afterwards, and then going to Greece for 2 weeks.

I am so excitedddd!! Can’t wait to meet everyone :smile:


Hey Michaela!

Neither can I nor my cousin (Alison)! I just checked today and we have 195 days until our tour starts!! *slowly starts to freak out * There is so much excitement with tour, flights and now accommodation for our week in London booked!!

I don’t know about you (but I’m feeling 22 (ahaha)) but I keep on watching travel videos on YouTube and then TopDeck videos and I freak out even more!! :heart_eyes: