European Getaway 27th August - 15th September


Hey everyone, I’m going solo on this trip later in the year! Hope to hear from anyone else who’s going solo or anyone else who’s booked into this tour! Pretty excited even though it’s still 6 months away!


Hi @Rebekah97, I’m Alyssa and I’ll be traveling solo on this trip as well!! Super excited!! I’m from Melbourne, Australia


Hey Alyssa, that’s awesome, excited to hear that your coming on the Trip as well! I’m from Perth Australia! :slight_smile:


Hi ladies @Rebekah97 @alyssa93. I am on this tour as well and also travelling solo! I am from Brisbane :smiley:


Awesome, I’m so excited, the trip Is getting closer and closer :slight_smile:


Not too far away at all!! Are you both staying at wombats hostel the night before? @alyssa93 @Rebekah97


I haven’t booked to stay there yet, but I probably will, coz I’m in London for about 4 weeks beforehand. So it will probably be easiest to just stay at the wombats the night before.


Hi @maree88, so glad to hear you will be joining us!
I won’t be at wombats as I’m staying with a friend! But will be there bright and early in the morning!


@Rebekah97 Yeah definitely easier to stay the night before- it’s pretty reasonably priced. I will be in Greece and Croatia the weeks before :smiley: @alyssa93 see you bright and early YAY!!


@maree88, I’ll be in Greece before the tour as well! I’m doing the Greek Sailing on the 6-12th of August


Oh Im doing my sail croatia on those exact dates! @alyssa93 add me on facebook if you like: maree butler. My profile pic is of me with a macaw :slight_smile: