European Getaway 26 May - 14 June 2018


Hey guys!

I’ve just booked the 20 day European getaway for 26th May 2018 and will be celebrating my birthday on the last day of the trip :smiley:

This will be my first time to Europe, i’ll be travelling for 7 weeks all up. I’ll be staying in London for a few days after the trip, then making my way over to Ireland, then back Amsterdam for the Defqon festival, and finishing off in Croatia for Hard Island festival before heading back home to Sydney.

Hope to meet some of you on here before hand!


Hey Rikki

Great to meet you! I’m also booked on this trip and celebrating my birthday in Berlin :grinning:

Your post trip plans sound amazing! I’m in London for a week after then heading home to Dunedin, NZ. Are you travelling solo or with friends?


I just finished the European Getaway - you guys are going to have the time of your lives!! Enjoy!!

PS - would totally, totally, totally recommend skydiving in Switzerland!!!


Hey Amber

Great to meet you as well! That’s awesome your birthday is during the trip as well :slight_smile:

An extra week in London sounds good, do you have much planned yet for while you are there? I’m travelling solo, so i’m a little nervous haha … How about yourself?


Hey Rikki

I have a few friends in London and Paris that I will try to catch up with but other than that I want to just go with the flow and explore the city.
I am travelling solo too so totally understand about the nervs! :grin:
Do you have any plans or things you want to do on the free days?

@Hollie_Sykes That is so great to hear! I’ve been thinking about the skydiving. Super scary but what an amazing place to do it. Thanks for the suggestion :smile:


Hey Amber,

I haven’t actually looked into what to do on the free days yet, i should probably start that soon haha.

How about yourself?


Hi guys!

I am looking at booking the French Connection which I’m pretty sure makes up the first part of this trip and finishes in Venice. Still trying to decide between this one and another, but it’s nice to know that there are other solo travellers on this trip!


Hey Rikki, i just booked this trip as well for the same date and will be travelling solo as well, i cant wait to meet you guys. I am from the states! Are you on facebook?


Hey Jenna!

That’s awesome, looking forward to meeting everyone as well :slight_smile:
Will you be doing more travelling around Europe after the trip?


Not That i know of, unless i get talked into it lol, You guys should add me on facebook though so we can connect before the trip!
I will for sure be in London a few days before the trip!


My cousin Alex and I are going on this one. A couple of blokes from Auckland New Zealand. Looking forward to meet you all.


Hey Guys!
Another solo traveler from NZ over here :slight_smile:

So pumped to meet everyone and have the best trip. I’m going to be in London before and after this!
Also very glad that there will be birthdays to celebrate @Rikkilea and @Amber_S woo party party.

See you all soon.


Alex and I thought a good strategy was to fly in (from Auckland, NZ) two days prior to the start of the tour to settle in, and there is a wind down period of a few days before we fly out of Heathrow back to NZ. No doubt some of you are doing that.

I wonder how many are going to be on this trip - 48?


Just some key details if any of you are confused about where the trip starts.

The 26th May crowd meets Generator Hostel London 6am that morning (local time). Meet in the lobby of the hostel.

From my last contact on 5th April, there appears to be 40 people booked for this, though there is normally room for 48 so the final number could be closer to that.

Average age 25/26 years old. From all accounts Contiki is usually a younger crowd at the 21/22 end. Slightly more females than males on this one, though if they get to 48 it could even up a bit.

Hope you have a good one and safe trip to London.