European Getaway 25th June to 14th July



I was just wondering if anyone was going on this tour?? I would love to get in touch :slight_smile:



My partner & I just paid a deposit for this tour :slight_smile:
Sooooo excited we can’t wait!!!


Hey, count me in B-)



Yay :slight_smile: Good to know others are going on this tour.
Elisabeth I read on another post that you’re keen to skydive… ME 2!!!
I’m soooo excited I’m counting down the weeks hehe.
It’s my very first tour ever & I’ve never been to Europe before.
Are you from England or are you on an OE?



Hi lisa so cool your booked on the trip, I’m English and live not to far from london. are you staying in london after you get back?


So sorry! I only just read your reply. Yeah we are going to try find a flat & jobs in London after the tour :slight_smile: