European Getaway 25th August!


Please say yes, Anyone? :slight_smile:

It would be great to hear from you guys prior to leaving, Solo traveller here, and am getting very nervous, but excited of course too!



Hi Britt, I am also going on this trip as a solo traveler. I’ve never been out of the U.S. and have wanted to go to Europe for a few years now, so I’m VERY excited!


Oh yay, someone replied :slight_smile:
I have never been out of Australia, so it’s going to be so crazy and new for me too. Pretty damn excited!
How long are you travelling for? And how old are you etc etc? :slight_smile:
I cannot wait! Only just under 20 days now until we’re in Paris!


I just doing this trip, plus tacking on a couple extra days in London at the end. I’m 25, you? I know its getting so close! I have lots to get done before then, so its a little stressful but also so exciting! It’s gonna be great!


That sounds awesome!!

Was also wondering, what seasonal clothes are you bringing… I’ve been packing lots of warm clothes but realised, it is still the end of their summer so it may be quite warm!

I’m freaking out haha, so much left to do and organise, and it’s so sooon! :):slight_smile:



Just booked this trip at the last minute, super excited! I’m a pom but have lived in NZ for the past 6years, over in UK for a gap year. Travelling with kiwi boyfriend, I’m 20 and he is 23. Can’t wait to meet everyone and have mint times!

I think most of the places we’re going will still be relatively warm (mid-high 20s) so I wouldn’t pack too many warm clothes! :slight_smile: Where abouts in Aus are you from?


Ohh that is so awesome! :slight_smile: I can’t wait to meet everyone either! I’m 19 and from Sydney, so so excited for this. And it’s my gap year too :slight_smile:
Are you both travelling else after?

And yeah, i think i will take warm clothes with me overseas for October in England because i’m staying until late october but i think i will leave them with family whilst on the tour! But obviously still going to pack a few warm items for switzerland! :):slight_smile:

I can’t believe it, i have three days left in Australia and then i shall be in the UK! soooo exciting it is!

Will you meet everyone on the day of the tour or are you staying near/ at the hostel the night before? :slight_smile:


Awesome! Bet you’re super excited! I’ve been here for a few months now but looking at working and flatting in London after this trip :slight_smile: How long are you spending in England after the trip?

Yeah it’s been pretty warm here for the time of year which is good! I’m guessing you’re all packed and sorted then! Not long now :slight_smile:

We’re staying at the clink hostel, if you’re there too we should have a drink the night before we leave :slight_smile: