European Getaway 24th July



Just wondering if anyone else is going on this trip? First time I’ve ever been travelling by myself (combination of friends having no money and me having a fear of flying!) so would love to hear from anyone going on this tour :slight_smile: any general tips or past experiences are very welcome too!



I am going on this trip too! I have never been to Europe before (only the UK) so can’t wait. I am going solo as well, hopefully will be alright!


Hi Lucy, ah brilliant, good to know someone else is going on this one too! Are you planning on travelling anywhere else after the trip finishes?


Yeah I have til the end of August so will just see what happens after the tour. I then go to Copenhagen for a university semester exchange until Feb. so pretty exciting! What are your plans? Where in England do you live and how old are you? I’m 23.
Hoping we get to see the end of the Tour de France when we are in Paris!!


Wow, sounds exciting! Would love to live somewhere like Copenhagen for a bit.

I’m 20 and from Nottingham, finish uni this summer so this trip was sort of a graduation present to myself! Planning on getting away as much as possible, am going to Amsterdam and Dublin later this month, then hopefully will be able to fit in a trip to spain and possibly do a french course in Nice before trying to get a job, will see how the money holds out!

I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the last of the Tour de France, coincides with the trip quite nicely! Whereabouts are you most looking forward to seeing? I’m quite excited about Rome and Switzerland…would love to try the sky diving option, but not sure I’m brave enough! Are you staying at the clink hostel on the 23rd?


Awesome, sounds like you have some amazing travels planned!

I have been tossing up about the sky diving in Switzerland too…I am thinking yes…have been wanting to go for years and Switzerland will definitely beat skydiving in NZ!
I am looking forward to the whole thing really as I haven’t experienced Europe yet but have always wanted to go to France so it will be great to get a taste of it and see where I want to go back to later!

Most probably going to stay at the Clink on 23rd - not quite sure where my cousin’s apartment in London is yet so if it is miles from the meeting point, I will stay at the clink. Are you going to be there? Hope you have fun in Amsterdam and Dublin this month!



I am going on this trip with my friend too! We will be in London before that for summer school. I’m interested in going for skydiving too! What about the one in Tyrol? or Paragliding?


HI Hayley and yz and Lucy
I am also a solo traveler. How are you?
NOt long now!!!
Have you got everything you need?
I am staying in the Clinks hostel the night before and the night wearrive back incase we are running late.


Hi everyone! Can’t believe how soon it is now!

Lucy and YZ, thinking maybe the skydiving in austria…couple of hundred euros cheaper and it’ll give me the time to get my nerve up! I’m staying at the clink on the 23rd too, so will hopefully see you all there :slight_smile:

Lis, where in England are you from? Still haven’t got everything, and am wondering how I’m going to keep it below 20kg! How about you?

See you all in a couple of weeks!!


Hi guys :slight_smile:

I’m Courtney and I’m also coming on this trip. I’m 19 and also from Nottingham… coincidence! Really excited and anxious even though I travelled alone last year for 6 weeks, although I’ve never really been anywhere in Europe before. I’m not staying at Clink but just down the road so look forward to meeting everyone.

Oh, and for those thinking about skydiving, you should go for it! :smiley: I’ve done a couple and it’s one of the best experiences I’ve had. I’ll probably opt for the paragliding this time though, but I’m sure there will be plenty others up for jumping out of planes with you.


Hi Everyone!!
Less than 2 weeks now!! ekk. Its going to be fun.
Am from Huddersfield, so am a yorkshire lass. :slight_smile: am 25.
I think you should go for the Sky dive, its great you are thinking about it. I did one in May was fantastic best experiance ever. Depends how much time we get in austria if i do another Sky dive or not as i realy fancy giving Paragliding a go.
I am going to get a few more bits today for the trip.
I have traveled to Ghana and Mexico to work in a Orphange and School for 4 and 5 weeks and found packing for them sooooo much easier as i know i needed nothing too fancy for the kids if you know what a mean, plus they had so little a lot of clothes i gave away as where all cheap. What kind of things are you guys packing clothes wise?
Chat soon


Heya, I’ll be going for this trip with my friend too. We’re from Singapore and will be staying at The Clink the night before on the 23rd. I hope no one has anything against Asians ! :>


Hey, look forward to meeting you :slight_smile: Not long now!