European Getaway 23rd April 2016


Hi wondering if anyone out there is on this trip? I’m a solo traveler so it would be know some people going :slight_smile: xx


Hey hey I’m doing this trip solo too! Getting pretty close now. You in London before? X


Oh man! I’m so happy someone replied to this, I was getting worried! I’m staying at Wombats the day before :blush: And you?
I’m from Australia by the way :blush:


Hey Emily!
I’ve just spontaneously decided to do this tour too :slight_smile:
I’m also traveling solo and also from Australia! When do you get to London? I’m here now :slight_smile:


Awesome! I get into London the 22nd, so I’ll have a day before our tour. Where are you staying? :blush::blush:


Oh cool! I’m at St Christopher’s at the London bridge now, but I might move. Feel free to message me when you get here if you like! :smiley: