European Getaway 2013


I’m planning to book Euro Getaway May 11 2013… anyone else out there thinking about that tour as well? I’ll be traveling solo, and never have been to Europe!



my name’s Emily and I’m from Western Australia.
Noticed you want to do the getaway tour. :slight_smile:
My friend and i are going it next year too but we’re going 1st June
so if you change your mind and decide to do a later date we could be tour buddies haha :slight_smile:


Hi Emily, I’m Carmie from Brisbane. I am going on the tour on 1st June too. First time in Europe, Very excited. Are you and friends going to look around London a few days after the tour? I know our tour doesn’t cover the London but I’m so going to spend a few days exploring this city!


Hey Carmie :slight_smile:
I can’t wait for Europe its gonna be my first time there too! how exciting!
we are actually staying an extra 5 days in london after the tour then we’re off to dublin
and then the greek islands! :slight_smile:
feel free to add me on facebook emily paterniti :slight_smile:


Hey hey,

Emily we meet again! haha! Hi Carmie, my bf and I are doing the 1st June European Getaway tour also. We have added Emily and her friend Alana on facebook, feel free to add us also. Sammi Donpon & Drew Brauer. Its our first time in Europe and we are super duper excited!! Counting down the days until I step on the plane!



Hi there :slight_smile:
My name is Kathryn, i’m doing the European getaway May 11!
So excited. From little old New Zealand! be so exciting to get out and actually see the big wide world :smiley:


Hi all,
I’m going on this tour at the end of June- is anyone else going then??



Hey :slight_smile:
My names Aiyana and im from New Zealand as well !!!
Im also doing the European Getaway tour on May 11th, super excited have never been to Europe before.


Hi everyone,

A friend and I are going on this tour leaving June 29, is anyone else going on this one??
We are counting down, can’t wait!!!



Hey Everyone,

I’ve booked for the tour leaving on June 8th! Can’t wait, very excited but I am travelling alone as well. I’m from Launceston which is in Northern Tasmanian. While I’m in Europe I’m doing two different tours, The 20 day European Getaway and then a tour a Spain right after for the Running of the Bulls and to top it off (because I’m a huge sports fan) I’m going back to England to watch the First Ashes Cricket Test in Nottingham. Since I am travelling alone it would be great to meet a few people who are on the same tour beforehand :slight_smile:



I’m going on this tour on June 25th :smiley: it should be the best time!


Just got back from the travel agent then, been looking at this tour for awhile now… At this stage I’m a 90% chance of being on the 27th April… I’m going solo, looking forward to the new adventure, meeting new people and making new friends…


I’ve just paid a deposit for the Trail to Berlin tour which forms part of the European Getaway leaving 11th May…my first time to Europe as well can’t wait…


Hi all!
My name’s Marie and I’m from sunny South Africa!

I’ve also eyed the tour for some time, and have just paid the deposit! My tour starts on the 22nd of June. At this stage I’m going solo… Kind of for the first time. I’m so excited to meet new people and to get to know more about the history of the countries we are going to visit. If anyone knows about ‘must-see’ places or architectures, please let me know! Looking forward to the experience of a lifetime!


Hi there
I have booked the European Getaway for 22nd June!! So Marie, it looks like there are going to be 2 Safas on this tour :wink: Haha absolutely can not WAIT for this experience :slight_smile:


Hello! I am going on this tour on the 29th June with a few friends :slight_smile: sooo excited!


Hi Cath and Marie, I have also booked the European Getaway for the 22nd of June :slight_smile: I am also travellling solo which I am a bit nervous about!


Hey Emily and Carmie,

I am booked on the tour on 1st June as well. I’m traveling solo and it will be my first time to Europe!! I am staying in London a few days after but I will be there for a week before too!

Annaliese :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

I’m booked in on the 11 May tour and am in the same boat as most of you, never been to Europe and am travelling solo as well.

Hope to see you all soon.


Hi all!! I’ve just booked the European Getaway for July 20th 2013 but fly into London a couple days ahead and staying at the Clink hostel. Anyone else on this trip??