European Getaway 2012 Sep 1 departure


G’day, My brother and myself just booked the European Getaway departing on September 1st 2012. Is anyone else on this trip? Wouldn’t mind getting to know a few other people on the tour prior to going.




hey Brett, i have booked myself on this trip as well, and ill be travelling solo. good to see that there are other people going on this trip :)…hopefully more ppl join in and we get to know a few bfr the trip starts…how many days are u in London before you start on the tour?



At the moment I think we were going to arrive in London on the 30th. We will spend the 31st sightseeing around London and hopefully catch up with a few people out the trip that night at the hostel. How bout yourself, when will you be arriving in London before the tour? Are you staying a the clink prior to the trip?


hey yea i am reaching on the 30th as well…but ill be staying with friends that night (as of now anyway), and ill be at the clink hostel on the 31st morning/arvo sometime…and yea ill be going around london that day as well…and yea hopefully wen it gets closer to the day we can organise sometime to catchup with the few ppl on the trip before we head out…should be a good one


Hey guys,
A friend and I just booked this tour and are really excited about it!
We are also staying at the Clink hostel thing, and arriving on te


*arriving on the 30th.
Are you guys staying in London for a bit after the tour?


Hey Katie,

My brother and I will be finishing our trip in Amsterdam and heading to Oktoberfest in Munich so we will be spending a few days before the trip in London.


Hi all! 5 Months to go! I’m booked on trip and traveling solo! Arrive in London on about 28th to do a bit of sight seeing. Have 2 months of traveling. Also looking to go to Oktoberfest after trip, then to the Greek Islands, then who knows. Looking forward to meeting everyone.


Hey! Im the friend Katie mentioned above ^^ We’re super excited and hoping to meet up with some people from the tour the night before?? It’d be great to know people before hand!
We’re also staying in London for a little after the tour :slight_smile:


hey all welcome…glad to see there are more people joining in the group…well ill be in london 2 days before to see the place before the tour starts but ill be leaving the day after the tour finishes…well few more months to go and the fun begins i guess… i am staying at the clink as well and yea we should def catchup for a drink or something the night before (or even the day before that)…chat soon…


Hi Everyone…my friend and I just booked this trip. looking forward to meeting everyone and travelling with you all :slight_smile: should be a great trip


hey Laura

are you and your friend going to be staying at the clink hostel before the trip?


Hey guys,

Just got introduced to this post by Brett (thanks Brett :))
I’ll be on this tour too and will also be travelling solo… so am both excited and a little nervous!
Looking forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile:



Hey Anne…wen do u arrive in London and r u gonna be staying at the clink?


Hi Everyone,

I’m booked in to go on this tour, traveling solo.

Really looking forward to meeting everyone. Getting excited now!



Hi Ash,

I arrive in London late (11pm!) on the 28th August and will be staying at the Clink up until the tour begins. So leading up to the tour I’ll be doing some sightseeing in London :slight_smile: I noticed in an earlier post you said you will be in London on the 30th August?


Hi everyone,

I’m Brett’s brother and pretty keen for the trip. Will be great to catch up with everyone, sounds as though most are staying at the Clink the night beforehand, a few drinks would be a great way to meet everyone before it all starts. Looking forward to it.




sounds like a great idea Norm… looking forward to it!


Hey Anne ya I reach on the 30th midday…gonna then do a hop on/off bus tour around London city…how about you?

Hey Katie & Sonia when do u guys leave syd?

2 months to go !!!


Sonia and I leave Sydney on the 30th and arrive in London on the 31st, I think…
Can’t wait to meet all of you!
What are you guys doing after the tour?