European Getaway 2012 (HTFD)


Hey I am Jaden going on the June 9th to the 28th going alone. anybody else going on this trip?


Hey Jaden,

My friend Sarah and I have booked on this tour too. We are counting down the days like you wouldn’t believe! Can’t wait!

Are you staying at Clink hostel at all before we leave?

Olivia :slight_smile:


hey Sarah and olivia. I am staying at clink pre and post night ;D , the trip will be amazing


Cool, so are we. I think we have a couple of days either side of the tour there :slight_smile:


Hey Jaden, Sarah and Olivia,
Im going on this tour as well (alone). So excited!! Also staying at the Clink the night before the tour leaves.
Holly :slight_smile:


we should all meet up at clink hostel the night before so we can see some familiar faces Holly Olivia and Sarah ;D ;D


Hey guys!
Cant wait for this trip! Olivia and I will be at the Clink for a couple of days before the tour starts so look forward to meeting you guys then!
Sarah :slight_smile:


Meeting up before sounds great! Not long to go now, I’m counting down the days :slight_smile:


70 more days in counting!!! ;D ;D ;D


70 days it too long to wait!! Haha.

You guys should jump onto this facebook link on the Topdeck page and search for our tour group :slight_smile:!/TopdeckTravel/app_125608680858382

Olivia :slight_smile:



I’m booked on this trip too (also alone)! Would be great to meet you guys at the Clink before the tour. I’m so excited! :slight_smile:

Phoebe :slight_smile: