European Getaway 2012 - 16 Jun to 5 Jul


Hi there

Is there anyone else going on this trip?



Hello Nirmal

Yes im going :slight_smile:

rock n’ Roll


[quote=31747]Hello Nirmal

Yes im going :slight_smile:

rock n’ Roll

Oh hot damn, this is my jam
Keep me partying till the A.M.
Y’all don’t understand, make me throw my hands
In the ayer, ay-ayer, ayer, ay-ayer ; ;D


I’ll be on this trip too


Hi guys,

Im doing this tour too. Ill be traveling on my own; anyone else a solo traveler?


Liana I’m travelling solo and also from Melbourne


Good to hear im not the only solo traveler. Looking forward to it!


I’m on this trip too, how old are you guys?




Dont stress about being solo guys. We leave no man (or woman) behind… :wink:


my friend and i are 19, i think we’ll be the youngest


Right I think ill be the daddy of the trip :slight_smile: 27.


Just over a week to go… Gonna be an epic tour! ;D


i see your 23 and 27 and i will raise 30. i will be on this tour and going solo. looking forward to it.