European Getaway 2011 (HTFD)



Just wondering if anyone has booked to go on this tour?



I just booked for this tour yesterday, it’ll be my first time in Europe and i’m doing it solo… nervous and excited.

Have u booked also?



Hey Amy,

It’s also my first time in Europe, and I too am doing it solo :slight_smile:
I’m sure we will have an awesome time.




If you would like to email me or if you are on facebook let me know.

My facebook is just in case.

Hope you’re doing well.



I will be on this tour as well :slight_smile: I started another topic before I found this one. I’m going solo- I’m 23 years old from Arizona! Can’t wait!


Awesome!! Not long to go now then guys, it’s good to know there r a few of us solo travellers… I can’t wait!!!