European Getaway 2010


I’m planning on doing the 20 day European Getaway departing on April 3rd. Has anyone done this one? did you enjoy it?[br][br]Also do you have to bring a sleeping bag? I’m going to be away for 10 months in total, not sure if I want to cart a sleeping bag everywhere. If so any recommendations for small lightweight ones??


Hi Mishmush,[br]I did the European Getaway this year in May and had the best experience travelling ever! Everything about this trip was sensational. I had an awesome tour leader and driver -Sophie and Seb who went out of their way to make sure we knew everything there was to know about each county/city we were visiting and were great to socialise with too. The people on my bus were wonderful, and some have become close friends. There were 43 of us, the youngest was 18, the eldest 37, we had 1 married couple and 3 long term relationships, a good mix of Aussies, Kiwis, Americans even a few Asians and Sth Americans for good measure.[br]My favorite places were/still are Swizterland, Florence, Berlin, Rome and Nice. I definetly recommend doing most the optional activities (I did them all except Skydiving and chose paragliding in Austria) the Bike tour in Paris, the Cabaret Show, the Berlin Walking tour and the Vatican tour were all excellent.[br]As for the Sleeping bag you will definetly need one. There are only scratchy blankets in the cabins in Lauterbrunnen and it will still be cool in April. I got a little Ronson (2.5kg, 75cm) from Rays Outdoors (Im assuming your Australian?) but you can also find these online, they are tiny and lightweight. I’ve used mine heaps since the tour.[br]Sorry if this is a long answer but I hope it answers some of your questions. Ever since this tour I am addicted to Europe and Topdeck (have just booked my third tour)[br]Cheers[br]Christine[br][br]European Getaway 16 May 2009[br]Oktoberfest 18 Sept 2009


hey im looking at booking for the 24th april … [br][br]im stayng in london after tour for working holiday[br][br]23 aus and travling solo[br][br][br]


I’m doing this tour from the 5th of June, 2010. [br][br]It looks really good, can’t wait![br]Also hanging around in london for a few months after the tour.[br][br]Euorpean Getaway June 2010


Hey, I’m doing this tour april 10, traveling alone, cant wait :smiley: