European Getaway 20 Aug 2011



Just wondering who else has booked to go on the European Getaway departing London on 20 August 2011.

Less than 2 months now… So excited!!!

Tori x


Hey Tori,

How are ya? Me and my friend are also booked on this trip, can’t wait!!!

Sarah :slight_smile:


Hey Tori and Sarah!

Glad someone else has booked this (even though i did just book this morning) cos i have been looking at it for a while now but no one had posted anything.

Anyway im pretty keen to get over to Europe and start this holiday!

Im heading from London to Berlin, Vienna and Budapest with a mate before going back to London to this tour but then doing it solo so glad i’ve found some others who are getting excited!



Hey Sarah and Tom,

Glad you guys have replied - me and my sister (Tori) were a little worried too as no-one had posted anything!

Looking forward to meeting you all on the tour, should be a blast!!

Sam :slight_smile:


Hey sam,

Yeah i was getting a little worried to as no one seemed to have said anything about this tour!

I think i read in a previous post you guys are heading to Ibiza?? You will have so much fun. Dont spend too much money tho!

I see your from Perth too, small world haha



Hahaha - I didn’t realise you are from Perth too, it really is such a small world!

Yep, we are spending 5 nights in Ibiza and a few nights in Marrakesh, Morocco before that too.
Then we are back to London for the tour and then spending another 8 days after the tour in London too.

I am so excited about the whole trip and I think I have become one of those annoying people who continually talks about their holidays :wink:

When are you heading over to Europe? We don’t leave until the 10th of Aug.

Sam :slight_smile:


I’m heading over on the 21st of July. Spending a few weeks with a mate doing Berlin, Vienna and Budapest (going to Sziget festival there) then back to London on the 15th-ish of August.

My return flight is currently booked for the 15th of October so i’ve got 5-6 weeks after the tour to go back and visit any places i really liked/anywhere i missed but haven’t planned anything post tour yet.

I’ve heard good things about Morocco! You should have a great time.

Are you guys staying in the hostel thing Topdeck offer the night or 2 before the tour starts?



Hey Guys,

So glad to find some more people booked on the trip, im seriously so excited :slight_smile: You guys both sound like your gonna have a blast doing some travelling before the trip starts! Have fun! Lookin forwards to meeting you guys on the tour.



5-6 weeks after would be amazing, I am very jealous Tom!! I am still debating whether or not I will actually come home at the end of our holiday, haha!

We were thinking about staying in the hostel the night before the tour, as it is such an early start! ALthough we were looking at other hotels nearby, as we thought 90pounds for a private room at the hostel was a little overpriced (for a hostel anyway)! Are you staying there?

Sarah, are you and your friend planning on staying at the hostel before the tour? I see you are from Scotland - I was just up there in April and loved it!



Hey guys,

So glad we have found other people doing this tour, I knew there were, but it’s nice to chat to some of you…

We’re still debating where to stay the night before the tour. We actually only get back from Ibiza the day before the tour so hopefully we have recovered before the fun really starts… Unless everyone wants to catch up the night before possibly for a drink and a chat? Depending on whether you’re all staying at the Clink of course :slight_smile:

Can’t wait, only 2 months until it all begins!!



haha Tori I’m not sure how “recovered” you guys will be but I’m sure you can have a power nap on the bus and you will be fine!

I think i am going to stay at the Clink the night before just for the convenience factor. And Sam looking at the Topdeck website it says it 33 pounds per person for a twin/double but not sure if I’m right…

Anyway let me know if any of you decide to stay there cos a drink the night before the tour starts sounds like a good plan.



Hey Sam, Yea me and my friend are catching the train down to london the day before the trip and staying in Clink the night before, just for convenience since the trip leaves so early. Yea scotlands nice apart from the weather, im beginning to think that no-ones told the sun that its supposed to be summer up here, lol!

We should totally arrange to catch up the night before if everyones around for a drink and a chat.

Sarah :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

We’ve booked the Clink for the night of the 19th so we look forward to sharing a drink with you before the tour starts. It is much more convenient, especially knowing we have to be up and ready by 6am haha. Can’t wait, not long now!!!

Tori :slight_smile:



I just booked the Clink for the 19th too so i suppose i will be seeing you all there for a drink!



Hi guys,

My boyfriend Adrian and I will be on the trip also!

We’ll be booking into Clink for the week before the trip so we’ll see you all there! After the tour we’ll be heading to Italy for 2 weeks.

Looking forward to meeting you all in 50 days!


Hi Alysha and Adrian,

Nice too hear from you - seems to be a few of us Aussies so far :wink:

Looking forward to having a couple of drinks with everyone!!

Anyone else travelling on this tour?? Feel free to comment, would love to hear from you :slight_smile:


Me again!
Has anyone received their ‘edocs’ yet? Apparently they are sent via email 8 weeks before departure?


Hey Alysha,

Haven’t received ours yet but we just paid our tour off on Monday. Hopefully they send it through this week though, they haven’t sent me a receipt like they generally do so I’m hoping that’s a good sign.

Will let you know when we do though :slight_smile:


Hey Alysha and Tori,

I paid my trip off on Monday too and they just sent me an E-mail saying everything was good and it had my invoice, trip itinerary and pre-departure information all attached. So it just said all i have to do is print them off and bring them with me!

Im sure yours will come through soon!

Not long now!


Just got mine then as well :slight_smile:

Nothing much more than we already had though (pre-departure info off the net). Just has all the hotels and that. Just email them if you’ve paid it off and they’ll send it through pretty quick.

So excited, not long at all now!!!