European Getaway 2 May 2009- Who's coming?


Hey. Was just hoping to make contact with anyone who will be joining the European Getaway on the 2 May 2009 :o). I’m booked on the trip with my brother and a mate. We’re really excited as it will be our first time in europe. So, drop us a line and say hi ;D


Hey Josh,[br][br]I will be on the european getaway on the 2nd of may 2009.[br]Im travelling alone for the tour, it is also my first time in europe as well. cant wait![br][br]James[br]+European Getaway 2nd May 09


Hey James. Good to hear from another tour member. 45 days to go!


hey Josh,[br][br]Only 32 days to go! looks like its gonna be a 4 man tour haha. I wonder where the rest of the participants are at? Maybe we are a little too enthusiastic! haha. Well Cant wait to run a muck with you, your brother and friend over there!!![br][br]James[br]“European Getaway” 2nd May 09[br]E:


Hey guys, I’m on this tour too don’t worry :). I’m traveling alone so it would be great to chat to anyone before. I get to London on the 21st April and staying with friends and hope to find work there when we get back. Can’t wait to get over there!


Hi guys!![br][br]I’ll be joining this tour too. Im so nervous, this is my first independent travel overseas. Hope it’ll be awesome.[br]Just wondering where everyone is staying before the trip?


Hey Lana & Em,[br]I arrvie in London on the 26th of April and also travelling by myself, Ill be either staying with friends or at the generator hostel till the start of the tour. I am also hoping to find work after in the UK![br][br]James[br]“European Getaway” 2nd May 09[br]E:


If anyone wants to chat add me on msn or facebook. My email is


Yeah!!! More people coming on the trip!!! Wooo hooooo:)[br][br]Hey Lana and Em;D[br][br]I have another friend who is jumping on the euro band-wagon at the last minute. According to Topdeck the trip is all but booked out. I believe we are staying at the Generator Hostel but I need to check the itinerary which is due to arrive any day now. [br][br]If you’re coming on the trip, jump in and drop everyone a line. Not long to go now :sunglasses:


YAY[br][br]I can be the token South African thrown in just for fun!!! Although I take it there wil be others :)[br][br]I can wait, I’m so nervous, never travelled alone before or without my best friend by my side.[br]Cara[br][br]Cara


Hi Cara, I am sure you will be fine. They say that there is always alot of people who are alone on these trips, but we’re all in it together in the end. One little bus and the time of our lives:)[br][br]Not long now. I’m all over planned and ready to go:-[


I can’t believe its only 2 weeks away!!! I’m so overplanned that now I get panic attacks thinking I might have completely missed something thats going to be absolutely essentional![br][br]Just want it to start aleady!!![br][br]Cara


Hey again all,[br]I booked my accomodation at the Generator from the sunday the 26th of april till friday. Unfortunately i cant stay there the last night before our tour cause i’ve left my dash too long to book. Silly i know! So im gonna have to find another back packers or hopefully if some of my friends, already over there atm have room for me i might be able to stay there. If not does anyone have any suggestions for another hostel? My back-up was the clink hostel for that night but that is also booked out on the friday and it was only around the corner from the generator…[br]Hi Cara glad another tour member has made contact, so far i think the count is at 8 haha. Cant wait only 10 days to go!!![br][br]James[br]“European Getaway” 2nd May 09[br]E: