European Getaway 2 for 1 offer..anyone interested?


Hi,[br][br]I noticed a great deal on the home page for the European Getaway… 2 for the price of 1 offer and I am interested in booking… im travelling alone though so if anyone else is wanting to do this trip we could book together and make a great saving!!![br][br]So excited to be travelling over to London… im an Aussie chick whos travelling to London early July… LET THE GOOD TIMES BEGIN!!! [br]


hi kirra. id love to join you but i already booked european wonder for jul30-aug12… ill be in London early July though… it would be cool to meet people there like you…[br][br]Cheers!


Hey there, [br][br]I am looking at booking the European Wonder for the 18th of July and it would be great to get a 2 for 1 discount if you were interested in changing your plans at all? I can’t do the trip in August due to other commitments. I am a Kiwi also travelling alone. [br][br]Lauren


Hey![br][br]I’m afraid I’ve already booked, but I’ll be on the European Getaway starting July 11th, so hopefully you will be joining me!