European Getaway - 1st May 2008


Hey,[br][br]Just wondering whether anyone else is going on the European Getaway tour starting the 1st May, just thought it might be nice to see if i could get in contact with some people before leaving.[br][br]Sam (Melbourne,Australia)[br][br]SKB


I guess I’m going solo???[br][br]SKB


Hi Sam,[br][br]I’m on the European Getaway starting 17th April… and I can’t seem to find anyone else going on it either?![br][br]Looks like it’s just gonna be our lonesome selves and the bus driver ![br][br]A


Andy,[br][br]Looks like it!!![br][br]I do hope you have a great time, here’s hoping the bus driver is great company…at least you will have lots of room on the bus…[br][br]Truly, hope you have a great trip and thanks for your reassurance.[br][br]Sam[br][br]SKB


Ha, thats what makes me reluctant to go- when no one else replies saying theyre going too! I mean im sure the buses are usually full but its just nice to talk about it with ppl before you go and get excited together! ah well, go for a guaranteed departure i guess.


Hey Sam, I am also booked on the 1st May,Euro Getaway, so you will have somebody else to talk to other than the bus driver!![br] Only 4 weeks to go - can’t wait!!![br]Even though it is a guaranteed departure, yeah it is good to have a bit of a chat with your fellow travellers before hand. [br] Will keep in touch, talk to you soon. JK[br]


JK,[br][br]Thanks so much for writing. That’s great there is now three of us on the bus!!! [br][br]Its getting pretty exciting, today was my last day of work before heading off…im a teacher and have taken all next term off work to travel!!! Nervous, a little scary but so exciting at the same time, have done a fair bit of travelling but nothing to Europe and nothing on my own…Im 27 from melbourne - what about you???[br][br]Sam[br][br]SKB


hey! im on this trip, im soooo excited.[br][br]im 23 from new zealand[br][br]bindy


Wooohoooo bindy!!![br][br]SKB


Hey Sam and to new recruit Bindy![br] So now there’s three of us AND the bus driver, we might need a second bus, haha! [br] I am from the Central Coast of NSW.( north of Sydney.)[br] I am a immature 34 year old (HA!) turning 35 while we are in ROME. [br] I am going to Gallipoli for Anzac Day ( stoked ) and then to Ireland before the tour, staying at the Globetrotter the night before departure,what about you guys??. This is my 2nd trip to Europe, I went in 2005 with Contiki ( solo ), so if you have any questions or unsure of anything I’ll try my best to answer them. Talk soon, Jason.


Hey Jason,[br][br]Anzac day would be soooo amazing in Turkey! I was looking into going over too! Are you going on your own?[br][br]We will be certainly celebrate your birthday in Rome! I’m in[br][br]Bindy


Hey Sammy, Jas and Bindy! [br][br]Brad here… another Kiwi! Looks like there are four of us! And all from the best part of the world! I am at Globetrotter the night before, doing the US on the way over including Anzac Day in Washington… Looking forward to this!


Welcome Brad!!! Watch out Jason, i think you may be right, another bus perhaps!!![br][br]Not long to go now guys…I leave 4 weeks tomorrow, im spending a week in London with my cousins who now live there before our tour goes and I too, am staying at the Globetrotter the night before…[br][br]So jelous Jason you will be in Gallipoli for Anzac day, im going there on my way home. After ive done Croatia and Greece I will make my way to Turkey and go to Gallipoli before flying back home from Istanbul. At least I will be in London and will be with friends so im sure we will find some Aussies celebrating somewhere…[br][br]Chat soon[br][br]SKB


Hey fellow Topdeck travellers,[br]Well it looks like everybody has a huge trip coming up! [br][br]Hey Brad, good to see another one signed on![br]Sam, A visit to Gallipoli anytime will be great, but I think it will be a lot less crowded when you are there [br]Bindi if you are thinking of going, DO IT!! [br]So has anyone have there tickets yet? I checked last week with my T/agent and she said they haven’t arrived yet, here’s hoping soon.[br]I want to go through them to get the blood pumping!![br]If we are all at the Globetrotter the night before we will have to have a beer at the bar!![br]3 1/2 weeks to go!!! But who’s counting?? [br]Talk soon, Jason.


Yeah I would say do it to! [br][br]I have gotten an email printout from travel agent resembling a ticket…[br][br]Thats about it really!


20 sleeps to go til I leave, so its 4 weeks tomorrow we board the bus for our trip aroung Europe!!! I have to say I’m a little excited!!![br][br]Hope everyones plans and preparations are coming along well…we will be on that bus before you know it!!![br][br]C u guys soon,[br][br]Sam[br][br][br][br]SKB


Hey Guy’s, How are we?? 21 days to go and we are OFF!!! I’ve been counting down since 100 days, so yeah, I’m starting to get a little excited. I only have 1 week of work left, woo hoo![br]Has anyone thought about what optionals they want to do while in Europe? I think I will do most of them, however mountain biking in Switzerland, Gondola in Venice and the final farewell dinner in Amsterdam are top priorities. [br] Will talk and see you soon, Jas.


Hey Guys…[br][br] Just finished a tour of West coast USA… OMG, need sleep, liver and vitamins! [br][br]Seriously, bring multi vits etc as a few people got a flu and it went around like wild fire… Vitamin C tablets and major multi vitamins helped big time!


Thats good that i have packed them!!! [br][br]Just in London at the moment but only a few more sleeps and we will all be on a bus…look forward to meeting everyone![br][br]Hope everyone is getting excited and primed for 3 weeks together - cant wait[br]:)[br][br]SKB