European getaway -19th Oct


Hey all ;D,[br][br]I’m Ell, from australia, slightly crazy, adventurous and extremely excited about my tour.[br][br]Obviously I’m on the european getaway tour leaving the 19th of Oct and i was just wondering if anyone else is staying at the globetrotter the night before on the 18th???[br][br]Cheers,[br]E x


Hi Ell,[br][br]We are going on the odyssey tour (depart 19 Oct) - do you know if these tours travel together as I note they leave the same day and take same route? Maybe its just the accomodation thats different???


I think they are different shirls… but i’m not sure!! [br]Cheers, Ell


Hi![br][br]I’m going on the Getaway leaving on Oct 19th…[br][br]Im 21 yr old female from Sydney travelling with a girlfriend and we will both be staying at the Globe Trotter’s on the 17th and 18th!! [br][br]Not long to go!!


Hey Ell you staying longer in europe after tour or before all already there …;D jas


Hey all,[br][br]ok to everyone staying at the globetrotters on the night of the 18th I’ll be wearing a bright orange head band/scarf thing, so i’ll be very hard to miss, just come up and say hi. I don’t bite and its only my second time overseas.[br][br]Jas: staying a few days before the trip in england and leaving straight after.[br][br]Not long to go, see you all there,[br]Cheers,[br]Ell x