European Getaway 18th May 2006


Hi my name is Torben and I am from brissy was wondering if anyone else was doing this 3 week tour would be great to chat or catch up before we leave, also if anyone else has done this tour how was it? Hope to hear from someone soon if not see you in London.


Hello Torben [br][br]I am in Brissie too and considering going on this tour on 18th May. Having trouble deciding between this one and the European Odyssey.[br]


Hi Torben,[br][br]I’m looking at doing this tour too with one of my friends. We’re still in the process of deciding whether or not to go Topdeck or Contiki, but I’m leaning towards Topdeck. And the Getaway tour looks great! I’ll keep in touch.[br][br]Sammy[br][br]Sammy


Come on the Getaway Jules would be great to have some Brissy people on board plus two more days.[br][br]Hey Sammy [br][br]Go Topdeck i compared the two and value for money I thought is Topdeck big thing was more meals included on Topdeck. Hope to chat to you all soon again. If you decide to come we should meet up before hand.


Hi Torben[br][br]I’m now trying to decide between Getaway and Odyssey. Not sure about sharing a room with however many people every night on Getaway…might get a bit over it? Other than that, Getaway would be my preference.[br][br]Hey Jules,[br][br]Have you decided yet?[br][br]Sammy


Hey Sammy i have heard it is more fun on Getway tour and I think that hotels are great but your never going to be in them except sleeping so I thought I could save that money and use it to do more activities plus it is two days longing aswell. You will have fun either way good luck with the choice


Hi Torben,[br][br]I ended up going European Odyssey. It crossed my mind that I may get more quality sleep staying in a hotel, knowing that I’ll only be sharing with my friend. It was hard though…I liked the idea of staying in bungalows etc., but my friend and I decided to agree on the Odyssey tour. [br][br]I wonder if we cross paths, as we leave on the same day anyway and go to the same places with the exception of Monarco?[br][br]Sammy