European Getaway 18 Sep - 7 Oct


Hi People

Was wondering if there was anyone out there planning on doing this tour on these dates? Would love to hear from anyone that’s planning on doing it.




Hey G
I’ve already booked this trip, i can’t wait im so exited ;D
I’m 24 and an Ozzy chick, it’s not my first solo trip but it’s my first time in Europe so can’t tell you much about it, but all my European friends said September was the best time to go :wink:
I hope you come, the more the merrier.


Hi G & Sam,

I’m hoping to book into this tour, i’m just waiting for the travel agent to get back to me with a few details regarding flights and what-not.
I’m a 22yr old Aussie girl on my first solo trip AND my first trip to Europe. (I’m terrified and so excited at the same time!)
Here’s to seeing you there!



Hi peeps,
2 of my mates and i have already booked this trip 24 male from Sydney. Excited much?


Hi everyone,

I’m booked on this trip too, v.nervous too as my first solo trip (but excited too)

I’m a 24 yr old male from Sheffield, England, although I’ve never been to mainland europe either.

Look forward to seeing you all there!


Ah good to see a Pom on the tour . Hopefully not an all Aussie affair. Any Yanks ?


Awesome. Good to see some many people already out there that have booked. I made my confirmed booking today so it’s all on. I’m a 28 y/o kiwi bloke, never been further than Aussie before so definately looking forward to seeing Europe and its sights.

Are any of you staying at the Clink prior to the trip? I have 6 nights in London before the trip and have the first 2 nights booked in at the travelodge across the street (to get the jetlag sorted) but plan on moving into the Clink for the final 4 nights. Perhaps if people are keen have a meet up before hand over a few bevvies?


Hey guys
Turnip good to know a poms coming you can tell us what sites to see in London and the best clubs I’m sure :wink:
G sorry i will be staying at clink the night before the tour but since i only get there the day before i imagine jet lag will be an issue, actually my biggest worry for this trip is that I’ll miss the start of the tour cause i slept in :frowning: so please people if the tours about to leave and there is no Sam present i will be somewhere in clink so please find me!
I will however be staying an extra 2 nights in London at the end of the tour and am thinking of staying at clink, also topdeck has a promotion with the Shepherds Bush Walkabout in London which happens on the night we get back i think, one of my friends worked there for awhile and said it’s a pretty good bar so if you want to go for half priced drinks and something called a snake bite (apparently bear and apple cider :o ) that’s what I’ll be doing on the 7th Oct hope you guys can come to (seriously cause i promised my friend i would go so i want company)


Hi all,

Have fully signed up for this one now! Can’t wait.
Hey Sam, i’ll be staying at the clink the night before as well (i get into London from Sydney at 7:15am) on the 17th.
Maybe i’ll see you there! ;D



Myst no way i get to London from Sydney at 7:20am on the 17th what airline are you with?
Sounds like most people will be at clink the night before for obvious reasons, so if people aren’t to jet lagged we can all meet up at the bar there like G suggested. Not that we won’t see enough of each other over the trip, but it’s always nice to have drinking buddies.


Woah freaky! I’m on Thai Airways, how about you?

Hopefully we won’t all be too jet lagged, but i’ve heard the trip home is where the lag hits, rather than the one over (fingers crossed!!!).
I figured staying at the starting point was the best idea, at least then i couldn’t get lost!!!


Yeah i really don’t want to get lost and clink is a really easy name to remember, I’ve been on holiday before and forgotten the name of the hotel I’m staying at (don’t laugh when you change hotels every second day you’ll forget at least one of them, i generaly take a business card from the front desk so i can find my way back if i get lost).
I’m going with Etihad and coming back with British airways heard there both really good airlines, (i love Qantas but fuck is it expensive).


Wise words. :stuck_out_tongue:
Last time i went away it took me a week to remember the name of the place i was staying so i really can’t say anything. :-[
I used that method when i was in Taiwan, it helped me at least get directions and taxis back to the hotel!

I wanted to fly Qantas, but yeah… i just couldn’t afford that much! I had a friend who’s flown Thai a few times and recommended them so i decided to try and the tickets were fairly cheap so yeah.

Ooh i’m so excited! I can hardly wait!


Sounds good guys. I imagine we’ll probably get along fine, especially if everyone’s keen for a few bevies!!!

I probably won’t stay in London for the whole of the first 6 days but will most likely end up at Clink one or two nights before the trip starts so you’ll be able to find me in the bar for sure the nght before where any good Kiwi should be. After the tour I have a night booked at Clink so if we get back early enough I’m all keen for Sheppards Bush. I’ve also heard it’s pretty good there. Snake Bite certainly takes me back but I could have sworn it was beer and red wine. Maybe that’s the Kiwi version of it? Although I have had it at Magnums Airlie Beach before. The day after the tour I need to be up early as need to get to Gatwick and fly to Croatia as going to go sailing around there for 7 nights.

I’ve also heard the Jetlag kicks in on the way home. I’m lucky and have two daytime flights to get to London with a 20 hour stopover in Seoul to get a decent sleep so hopefully It won’t kick in until I come home.

If any of you want to chat more before the trip you can find me on Facebook,



Hi everyone,

Wow I feel a bit of a novelty being the only Brit, I imagine with all the Aussie’s/Kiwi’s on the bus I might come home with an accent like you guys.

I’m in London for just the night before (as I’m working until the Thursday [v]) and I’m stopping in the travelodge next door.

Sam - as for advice on London, my experience is quite limited, I’ve only been for a few day trips etc and haven’t been since I turned 18, so haven’t been to any clubs etc. As for places to visit, the usual places come to mind, Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, Covent Garden, Tower Bridge etc. I went to Abbey Road (the music studio’s and the Beatles album cover) which is also near Lord’s cricket ground.

As for the Snakebite discussion, In the UK snakebite is indeed Cider and Lager, but some people like to put a bit of blackcurrent in it, which turns it dark, which makes it similar in colour to the Kiwi version.




Oh hang on a minute, I have to point out that our accents aren’t the same, it would be like saying to a Brit are you from Ireland!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

All good mate, looking forward to it. I’m sure us Kiwi’s and Aussies could show you a thing or two!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I’m going to London with my family. I think the weather will be pleasant. Who can give me advice?


Hey Trung
It will be Autumn in Sep-Nov in England so should be relatively warm weather but at times and especially in Switzerland it will be freezing it is Europe after all so you will probably need some warm cloths and a jacket.
As for your family are they coming on the tour with you? you know that top deck tours are for 18 to 30 year olds and are very non family friendly (unless your talking about your siblings).
but if their just going to London there’s plenty there to keep them occupied for weeks, they can visit Bath (to see the roman baths in London) and heaps of stuff just depends on how much time you have. I would love to go to Bath etc but i only have three days in London so I’m staying in the heart of the city, there’s heaps of stuff there which i want to see.


Yeah im doing that tour. Arriving in London a week before the tour starts and staying at the Generator hostel, and the Clink the night before the tour departs.
Im 18 and from Australia btw, will be my first time out of the country. So excited!


Geez, heaps of Aussies going on the trip. I hope I’m not the only Kiwi otherwise I may be on the receiving end of all the jokes from the Aussies and have noone to back me up when I try and drag out a few Aussie Jokes!!!

Sounds like a great mix of people so far. Only 8 1/2 weeks till I leave NZ. Just under 9 1/2 weeks till the tour starts.