European Getaway - 17th April


Hi![br][br]Anyone on the European Getaway 17th April - 6th May???[br][br]Love to hear from ya![br][br]A


Doh… just me and the bus driver!?[br][br]A


hey andy[br]is it alright if i join you on this tour?, i think you might of got used to the idea of you and the bus driver, sorry to disapoint![br][br]Allie


OMG! Hooray! Someone else on the tour! I was starting to get worried![br][br]When are u getting to London?[br][br]A


hiya[br]arrive in london afternoon of the 15th, im staying in the globetrotter. how about you?[br]Allie


Hi Allie![br][br]I arrive on the 16th April at 6am! I’ll be staying at the Globetrotter that night too. Hopefully I’ll be too excited to be jetlagged. Can’t wait!!! Less than a week to go![br][br]There’s gonna be alot of room on the bus if it’s just us two…[br][br]A


well i have no problem spreading out and making enuf noise to fill the bus![br]i had no prob with jet lag coming over i think i slept maybe four or five hours and i was up again! i hear that going home jetlag is a b**ch and you can sleep for up to 3 days! [br]i just got back from a scotland tour and im telling you theres not much time for sleeping if your up for a few good nights out drinking![br][br]


4 more sleeps to go!!! :)[br][br]Can’t wait!!